Broadband supplier won't give MAC code.

  DANZIG 11:19 31 Oct 2010

A friend of mine wants to change broadband supplier. I won't give the company name as that might be against the rules.

The company in question is apparently not giving her a MAC code as they say she should have asked for it at another time.

Is this right, what can she do about it??

  onthelimit 11:31 31 Oct 2010

What does that mean? The only reason I can think of for not giving a MAC is that she hasn't completed her contract time.

  DANZIG 11:36 31 Oct 2010

I'm just getting some more info off her now. Isn't the internet mavellous!

  DANZIG 11:48 31 Oct 2010

Apparently they said it was too late to give her it as she had already cancelled her contract.

  DANZIG 11:56 31 Oct 2010

So, if she can't get this code, how does she go on about getting a new ISP?

  GaT7 11:59 31 Oct 2010

Just sign up afresh with the new one - couldn't be simpler. An MAC is not necessary. G

  DANZIG 12:16 31 Oct 2010

OK, thanks for that!

I've passed the info on!

  dangerusone 21:48 31 Oct 2010

Off topic

I'm with TalkTalk on an 18 month contract. Their website says I can have additional e-mail addresses up and running in 5 minutes. I configured 2 addresses on the 5th of October and still can't use them, the service from TalkTalks service team is abysmal just waffle - "we are are upgrading/transferring Tiscali on to our servers etc and everything should be OK by 1st November"

Surely by their inability to provide the service I am paying for gives me the right to ask for a MAC.

  KremmenUK 06:58 01 Nov 2010

Have a word with OFCOM as the law states they have 5 days (I think) to supply a MAC code if requested, regardless of your status.

  jack 08:03 01 Nov 2010

a MAC code.
What is a MAC code?
[I suppose one has to say a MA Code?]
What does it do?
As stated above cancel subscription to existing one supplier and start afresh[So long as you choose carefully Talk Talk hides behind other 'brands']
All this beibg subject to your contract.
I guess if a change is contemplated at the beginning of a new period they may want a whole year/18month up front.
Then inform your friends/family of your new address.
What a whiz way of shedding all those undesirable addresses that keep bugging one.

  961 08:51 01 Nov 2010

A migration access code (MAC) is a method of arranging for a live broadband connection to be transferred from one internet service provider to another with little or no downtime for the user

However if the existing contract has been cancelled a MAC code can't be used and a new application for broadband service has to be applied for. This typically takes much longer, often a matter of weeks

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