Beware the dirty Mac brigade

  canarieslover 18:57 12 Jun 2009

It isn't just your Windows PC that suffers.
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  Forum Editor 19:10 12 Jun 2009

are on the increase.

  octal 20:03 12 Jun 2009

But it needs the users input to actually install the virus, quote "Users logging on to these sites are asked to download a "missing Video ActiveX Object" so this sort of social engineering will work on Macs and Linux boxes if the user is enough of a muppet to install it in the first place.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:14 12 Jun 2009

the virus

isn't that true of a lot of windows infections as well?

never found one that wasnt invited in one way or another!

  Brumas 22:15 12 Jun 2009

Even when I migrated to my iMac, 11 months ago, I was told "you don't need any antivirus, they are safe as houses" I still did my research and then installed Intego VirusBarrier X5. I feel a lot safer and certainly wouldn't dream of going online without it!

  wolfie3000 05:49 13 Jun 2009

99% of viruses can be avoided with a bit of knowledge and common sense, doesn't matter which type of computer either.

  user8 10:52 14 Jun 2009

Always best to have protection to stop nasties getting a grip of your pc.

  bremner 12:15 14 Jun 2009

Protection is important but as the article says there are some 70 viruses aimed at Macs and millions aimed at Windows based computers.

In my office we have 40+ Macs with AV and not one has ever a warning of potential infection or had an infection over the last 2 years.

i noticed dr web have 'got in there' click here

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