Backing up two machines to one external hard drive

  Kate B 15:04 03 Aug 2004

Anybody know if I could use a big external hard drive to back up both my Mac laptop and my PC?

  Chegs ® 15:19 03 Aug 2004

I'm pretty certain it will be possible,but haven't a clue as to what software you'd use(Perhaps Iomega Automatic Backup)

  Kate B 15:23 03 Aug 2004

I guess I'd have to partition the external drive for the two OSs? *scratches head and looks puzzled*

  Chegs ® 15:31 03 Aug 2004

Cut it into two(one for PC,One for laptop)partitions,are these machines on a network(if not,perhaps you could)Then you run the backup software,cfg'ed to operate at different times and save the files to the relevant partition.I once tried backing up two networked PC's(both on same OS)but one PC keeps simply disappearing from the network and the backup software was failing.The vanishing PC STILL does it,and I haven't yet found a cure after a couple of years of looking. :-)

  Kate B 15:56 03 Aug 2004

Haven't built the network yet but yes, I would plan to put the external HDD on the network if it's possible ...

  Chegs ® 16:20 03 Aug 2004

click here

Lots of software to backup over the network here.Adding the external hdd as network storage is (apparently) quite easy,if you succeed,I will be asking you for advice. :-)

  stylehurst 17:13 03 Aug 2004

I use an external HDD to back up 2 networked PCs to the external HDD.
Each of my PCs has a system partition (OS & Progs) and a data partition (Personal files etc).
Consequently tthe external HDD is divided into 4 partitions, two for each machine.

I use Acronis TruImage to back up the system partitions (usually on a weekly basis). This program is capable of incremental back ups.
Data partitions are normally backed up by doing a drag & drop from the machine in question to the relative partition on the external HDD.

One thing I have found very useful is to assign the same partition letters to the external HDD on both machines. I use W,X,Y,Z, these were chosen delibarately as being far removed from items on the main systems which can change if you add thumbsticks etc.

Hope the above is of some use.

  byfordr 21:27 03 Aug 2004

You can use the Maxtor one touches on both Mac and PC must admit not sure whether both at the same time. The Dantz backup software is also for both.


  Kate B 13:47 04 Aug 2004

Thanks guys, that's all really helpful

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