Asda's Chip and Pin machines.

  pj123 14:48 20 Jul 2006

The last three times I have been to an Asda filling station their Chip and Pin has not been working and I have had to sign the slip.

The Guy on the till said it happens daily. It starts off OK but as the day progresses it suddenly stops working.

Is it just my local Asda or does it happen elsewhere.

I have no problems with any other Chip and Pin retailer.

  spuds 16:01 20 Jul 2006

This problem as been known to occur at Asda checkout points on occasions as well.

  Shas 16:04 20 Jul 2006

And at Sainsbury's, in store and petrol, according to a post in the 'Chip & Pin' thread over on Consumerwatch.

  pj123 16:07 20 Jul 2006

I don't like/use Asda for anything other than fuel so I don't know about the instore checkouts.

But if that's the case is it Asda's problem or their bank?

  johndrew 16:47 20 Jul 2006

And at Morrisons - I think all their stores must be connected to one 56K modem sometimes!!!!

  spuds 18:33 20 Jul 2006

Should have mentioned, that if the checkout terminal is not working correctly at Asda, this can bring a very nice episode. Checkout person gets frustrated, calls for supervisor or team leader. They arrive, and queue is getting longer. Supervisor scrutinises card, looks at you with suspicion, tries card in terminal a number of times, after constantly wiping card with polythene bag. You ask if another credit companies product will be of any better use, but the supervisor/team leader, then agrees to except a signature on original transaction, because they do not like proceeding to do another transaction using another card (Wastes time and confuses the accounting procedure!).

In the meantime, the queue is getting longer,milks going sour, frozen foods are thawing, kids are helping themselves to the goodies in the trolley, and the adult people are getting restless with the whispering comments to their partners etc. "Told you, we should have gone to another checkout""Do you think that's a dodgy card"" Will it happen to us, I hope not""Will Asda gives us any vouchers for time wasting, they did last time". The comments can be endless.

In the end, a cheerful smile and "Sorry for that, hope you have a nice day" from the checkout person. And all the problems of modern technology as been resolved by the dated use of dear old Mr Biro :O)

  SG Atlantis® 18:46 20 Jul 2006

At our store if the manager/s are on a conference call the tills can't call for credit card authorisation until they finish. We have five tills if all them are doing a CC purchase...

The queue grows, doubling back on itself, and then becasue we only do signatures people trying to use there partners chip'n'pin cards get refused because they aren't the signatory. The queues get worse, our staff get verbal abuse hurled at them and......

All merry hell breaks lose, worse than spuds story.

But no I've never had trouble in Asda, Tesco or Iceland with my chip'n'pin.

  wolfie3000 19:50 20 Jul 2006

Where i get my weekly shop (Somerfield) iv had no problems what so ever.

  Colin 20:47 20 Jul 2006

The chip and pin machine at my local petrol station stopped working so they reverted to the "old" way. I'd forgotten how quick it was. Chip & Pin may be securer, but it's much slower, thereby ceating longer queues.

SG Atlantis - I've never witnessed shop staff
receiving verbal abuse from customers anywhere. Am I just fortunate? The shoppers who do this must be complete nutcases as the checkout staff/assistants aren't responsible for the system. I call it shop assistant syndrome - they're on the frontline taking the flack while management are no where to be seen.
I don't mean to hijack this thread with a different topic.

  SG Atlantis® 21:20 20 Jul 2006

Must be just us...

The store was burned down in an arson attack 2 years ago and got rebuilt.

One female staff member got hit on the head with a toy racing car from the kids dept by a thief.

Another incident was a full family of theives, My boss locked the store with one member of the family still inside until the police came. The family threatened to kill all the staff.

If there's a long queue you normally get "this is a f-ing joke" "hurry up" "are you a complete "£$£$%%^ ?" all we can do is appologise.

...sorry pj123

  Dragon_Heart 23:35 20 Jul 2006

What ever happened to "The customer is always right"

My wife went to fill up at our local JET filling station one we have used for over 10 years, but when she tried to pay for the 'go juice' with her debit card it claimed the pin number was invalid. She tried again but this time noticed that only three '*' appeared on the screen not the normal four, again same problem, tried one final time and it refused to accept the card.

I was asked to go in and pay and my worked no problem.

They were very rude and patronising to my wife and we do not call for petrol any more.

What we could not get through to them was that if my pin was for example 2333 and my wife's was 1222 but the '1' key on the machine was faulty it would accept mine and any other pin without a '1' in it.

Another thing .... why are all the machines of different designs ?

Some the card goes in the top or bottom, some at the side or vertical. On some the machine makes a 'ping' as you enter the pin number others are silent. At Tesco they take the card off you and swipe the card on the till then you enter the pin on a separate terminal yet at our local ASDA some stall say they are told not to touch then customers card at all !

I read somewhere that two 'chip & pin' systems were available and the UK opted for the cheaper one .... sounds about right !

Do any forum members remember that thing called 'cash' ?

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