Are Apple Macs Invulnerable to spyware and viruses

  Praxis99 10:54 23 Mar 2005

Was having a read through the current issue of PCA last night and of particularly interest was the comparison between the new Mac Mini(which looks like a nice bit of kit at least in its upgraded form)and a standard Windows desktop machine.

This particularly line (page 33, 2nd para under the sub heading Intangible Benefits) caught my attention in reference to the Mac Mini:

"And then there are the intangibles .... no viruses;no spyware..."

Given the way the Apple Itunes software has been hacked and hacked again is this the case?

My question then is the stated invulnerability because Macs are simply not targeted all that often((in similar respects to the Firebird browser-at least for the moment!) or is there something in the design of the Mac that prevents such action from been able to mounted against it(which to me seems unlikely but would of course be a big plus point if true).

If anyone could enlighten me I'd appreciate it since I last used a Mac some ten or more yrs ago.

  Yoda Knight 10:57 23 Mar 2005

To my understanding, nothing is safe ! Microsoft just presents a bigger, tastier target than most :)

  SANTOS7 11:00 23 Mar 2005

click here
this may help...

  Praxis99 12:06 23 Mar 2005

Thanks Santos, that article pretty much answered my question, in that it simply comes down to virus writers et aL shooting at the biggest target they can find which is the Windows OS.

Its a big plus in favour of the Mac though and as a second machine this Mac Mini would I think serve nicely. Only concern would be that it clearly gets a little hot (from the review on page 34 - Sub heading "The Heat is On") which may or may not cause heat related stability problems if left on for a long time.

Only final concern would be that Mac owners may be lulled into a false sense of security that would be ripe for some malevolent hacker to take advantage of, 10% of all the PC's in the world is still a pretty big target particularly due to there prevalence in certain market sectors such as design and publishing.

  Praxis99 12:20 23 Mar 2005

Just add that I hadn't read the editors note at the bottom of that article when I posted the above (re my last para) which does appear to show that the Mac OS while not invulnerable to attack is inherently more secure than Windows and for that reason it seems it would be considerably harder for a virus writer to infect a significant number of machines.

Its a big plus in my mind and had I not got so much invested in my current hard and software setup I'd be tempted to make the switch.

  pauldonovan 19:16 23 Mar 2005

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