Are Apple Laptops good

  fraz2000 17:06 30 Jun 2004

I really need help choosing a laptop for my studies and i have considered the APPLE iBOOK G4 0.8GHz laptop i need to know if it comes with word proccesing software installed as standard or if i have to pay extra for this

  Diodorus Siculus 17:29 30 Jun 2004

It will have a basic one on it if running MacOS X and probably earlier versions too.

Best to check with the retailer.

And yes, they are good.

  ajm 21:57 30 Jun 2004

The new G4 most probaably come with Apple works installed on them. As Diodorus Siculus said, best check with the retaailer you are buying from. Alternatively look to purchase the Office 2004 for Mac which is available in the student version for £119.

I am currently using a PowerBook g4 1.5 and i LOOVEEE it!!! Since buying the PowerBook about 5 weeks ago, I havent used my desktop PC that much.

  duckers 11:14 01 Jul 2004

I wouldnt buy an apple unless you specifically need a piece of software on it that isnt available on PC, buy a PC compatible laptop (the majority of laptops) as this will give you a greater choice of software in future and possibly a better range of hardware updates as well.
I always think apple laptops are expensive as only apple make them theres no competition to drive down prices... .. .
Again PC laptops may or may not ome with a word processor (you get wordpad as part of Windows XP but it aint much cop really) but most systems from large manufacturers such as hp, packard bell, etc come with a lot of bundled software which usually includes microsot works, which des have a word processor.

  Taran 12:44 01 Jul 2004

Although I love my Apple machines I have to say that I'd be wrong to recommend one in most cases to students.

Unless your course is Apple related it makes sense to stick with a mainstream option, in this case, Windows, and the majority of your work and about 99.9% of computer availability at college/university will be on Windows PCs.

Apple machines are excellent and there's nothing I can do on Windows (apart from ASP and .NET programming perhaps) that I can't do at least as well on my Macs.

It makes practical sense to stick with the mainstream rather than go with an alternative option.

Apple machines are wonderful, very capable and by all means consider one. A lot would depend on your course though and your intended long term use.

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