applemac or toshiba laptop

  newtothisnovice 17:27 30 Aug 2006

I have a desktop at the moment an want to buy my first laptop, I have 2 different systems in mind and would appreciate peoples opinions on them both they are as follows:-

apple macbook
13" white 2.0 ghz intel core duo
60gb serial ATA drive
I would upgrade it to 1gb 667 DDR2 ram
13.3 TFT display
bluetooth etc
2.36 kilo
Toshiba f30-117
intel centrino duo
1.66 ghz
667 mhz
2mb cache
120 gb hard drive
15.4" screen
5 in 1 media card slot
weight 3.9 kilos

I have never worked on a mac before but have heard its not that different if you install bootcamp you can run windows on it. The softwares not a probelem as my brothers got an i-mac an he will sort it out for me.
I want it for basic tasks, e-mailing and browsing the web, but when/if my daughter goes to uni, I want it to be compatable with whatever she may want it for. I want to get the best my money will buy so that in a years time or so(not sure how quick things move) technology wont have moved on that quick that it will be in therory outdated and ill still have a decent machine.
Hope you understand this bit of a novice with technology, only know what ive picked up from the kids! One says toshiba one says mac!!!!!!!!!!!
any responses would be gratfully received.

  Forum Editor 18:34 30 Aug 2006

whether you should buy a bar of milk chocolate or a bar of plain. Both of them are chocolate, but they taste a bit different - it depends on your personal preference.

The Apple is a lovely machine - looks nice, and does exactly what it says on the tin. You can run Microsoft Office on it, and to all intents and purposes it will be just like any other laptop, except it's a Mac. That means that an awful lot of commonly-used software won't run on it, and that may be a deciding factor, particularly for your daughter.

Using your brother's Mac software isn't allowed - it's a contravention of the licence agreement, so don't try it.

The Toshiba might be a better bet, simply because your daughter will be at university with people who will almost certainly be using Windows laptops, and any file-swapping will be that much easier. She'll also appreciate the larger screen for those long evenings spent poring over Excel spreadsheets (at least, that's what she'll tell you she's doing).

In your shoes I would go for the Toshiba.

  newtothisnovice 20:17 30 Aug 2006

thanks for the reply I was swinging towards the apple simply because of the reliablity, and that fact that I heared you can run windows and other programs off of a mac now if you install the boot camp thing.
much appriciated as dont realy know much about these things.

  anskyber 20:48 30 Aug 2006

I think the Fes response sums things up very neatly.

I have a Tosh laptop (as well as my PC) and it has performed perfectly over thae last 4 years. Apple macs have a loyal following (for good reason) but as the FE points out in the student environment the strong chances are the interoperability will be the number one thing. windows is much maligned, but so is success.

  anskyber 20:49 30 Aug 2006

Sorry about the rubbish spelling!

  Kate B 21:37 30 Aug 2006

I often recommend Macs to people who don't want the hassle of or don't have the knowledge and/or inclination to maintain a Windows machine - I'm a big fan of them. The other joy of Macs is that they do just work, there's little or no messing about trying to coax them into picking up a network or suchlike. You can't beat a Mac for simplicity and hassle-free use.

I've got an elderly but trusty iBook which I've been using as my main computer for a couple of months and now that my beloved Windows gaming beast is back in service and I'm back to grappling with random Windows flakiness, running scans and patching it feels like a lot of hassle after a couple of months of absolutely trouble-free computing. Not that I would ever not have a Windows machine: I love games; but unless it's absolutely vital to have Windows or you're a gamer or a geek who insists on maximum tinkerability, I'd say Mac every time.

  ajm 00:18 31 Aug 2006

I totally agree with FE and Kate B's comments. I have both Compaq Windows PC and a Apple MacBook Pro laptop.
I use the Apple Notebook far more that the Windows PC, when my wife is not using it.
With the advent of BootCamp, you can install windows XP on your Apple system and have the best of both world. But for certain things like gaming a dedicated windows pc system may be better

  newtothisnovice 19:31 31 Aug 2006

Thank you every one for replies, much appriciated, think ill go for the mac book as already have access to windows on a desktop, daughter says try it due to the reputation and reliability of the mac,(and the fact with bootcamp you can load xp) if not she says she'll get a mid spec windows laptop to use, if she goes to uni. As you can get some real bargins out there.

  Kate B 20:05 31 Aug 2006

Hope you enjoy it - Macs are lovely, trouble-free computers. *crosses fingers and touches wood*

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