applemac antivirus/firewall

  User-275D703E-9E45-4660-90C50AEC01271F1A 20:59 02 Aug 2005

A friend of mine has an apple mac laptop, I was supprised to learn recently that he has no av or firewall instaled. He say's he is not on the net very often so it is not a problem, I think he is asking for trouble.I use AVG and Zonealarm on a pc is this suitable for his mac, any thoughts would be appreciated. many thanks in advance.

  ade.h 21:11 02 Aug 2005

There aren't very many Mac users around here, as this isn't a Mac forum. My best advice is to search some online Mac software specialists (there are quite a few around, I think) and see what they have for sale.

If you find anything and you're not sure whether it's likely to be up to scratch, ask us here. If there is a Windows equivalent from the same developer, then we can at least give our opinions on that as a rough guide. For example, those in the know tend to recommend stuff like Sygate or Zone Alarm(firewall) and AVG or Avast (antivirus). I use Sygate and Avast on one PC and the F-Secure suite on another. Avoid Symantec.

Thanks for your reply ade.h, I am a pc man myself and do not know anything about mac that's why I posted in here. My initial response on learning my friend had no av/firewall was get avg, zonealarm, avast etc (no excuse they are free)but not sure if they work on a mac.

  ade.h 22:08 02 Aug 2005

I wouldn't be surprised if the major devcos do Mac versions of their main software products. I know that Symantec does, but as I'm sure you are aware, Norton stuff is not exactly the best in its class these days. Which is a pity, since it was very good before Symantec took it over a few years ago.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:37 02 Aug 2005

having mac versions.

Your run of the mill windows versions won't work.

You will probably find there is very little out there for macs, the reason for this is that most virus writing scum a) target windows because they hate the company or b) target windows because there is a much larger user base to attack.

Viruses on macs are virtually unheard of. I am aware of one "proof of concept"* virus but there may be more.

A firewall may be a different story, but I wouldn't know to be honest.


  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:39 02 Aug 2005

Just done a google for "mac anti virus" and got this

click here

maybe worth trawling through.

And firewalls (googled for "mac firewall")

click here



  Completealias 23:43 05 Aug 2005

For yours and your friend reference PcPro's online forums click here has a large number of mac users

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