apple os in news

  Newuser2 19:14 02 Nov 2004

I saw an article a while back on the news pages here on the PCA site regarding a new apple OS that had been released to run on AMD/Intel cpu's,(at least thats what I remmember) can anyone piont me to the article.
As always many thanks.

  powerless 19:26 02 Nov 2004
  powerless 19:28 02 Nov 2004
  Newuser2 19:38 02 Nov 2004

Thats the article I was looking for.
Many thanks Powerless.

  Vague Boy 20:24 02 Nov 2004

"Now about 600m PC users can have the Mac advantage," says the software's developer, Arben Kryeziu. "One computer to use all software and if PC users would use Mac software to get email, perhaps they would avoid viruses, Trojans and spyware."

Dream on.

  Forum Editor 23:50 02 Nov 2004

I Couldn't have put it better myself.

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