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  Ade_1 20:54 26 Nov 2008


I have been looking at getting a new laptop and have been scouring around and I've always had the idea of possibly purchasing an Apple MacBook in the back of my mind but have been put off by the price.

I've found an Apple MacBook at my local retail park for £599 (excluding 2.5% reduction). It has 1GB RAM, 120GB Hard Drive, 2.1 C2D and iLife (I don't know if that's standard with MacBooks).

Macs have always appealed to me but I've always been put off by the price and resultantly I don't know that much about them. I am highly interested in getting this, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on MacBooks and whether it's a worthwhile purchase.

Thanks in advance


  naineysman 23:02 26 Nov 2008

Depends on what you will use it for but if you can afford it, (same rules for PC's buy as good a spec as you can afford) definately buy a mac.

You will probably be looking at the old model at that price as a new unit has just been launched but I just bought my son the white mac book from Santa and it will last for a long long time.

I would recommend a mac book pro if you can stretch to it but remember macs work slightly differently and a low spec mac will be as good as a medium ish spec pc.

(I gave up pc's a year ago and moved to mac, now i have 2 plus sons new one) Never looked back.


  Ade_1 08:56 27 Nov 2008

I can understand that. Basically I am looking at the white MacBook that you've bought your son.

I will mainly be using it for basic tasks, nothing too taxing. I will be using it for University work too.

One thing that I had wondered about was the longevity of it so to speak and if it will last then I personally think it's a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately I can't stretch any further in terms of models and at my limit with the white MacBook.

Thanks for your response.

  interzone55 09:04 27 Nov 2008

If you're using it for university work, you'll need to either buy a copy of MS MacOffice, and I'm not sure you can get the home & student discount on the Mac version, or download OpenOffice, which is free (click here)

One point to remember, yes MacOS will work on lesser hardware than Windows, but if you decide to dual boot Vista will struggle on the last generation MacBooks...

  Ade_1 09:16 27 Nov 2008

I was actually thinking of just using OpenOffice or purcahsing iWork for that as iWork seems relatively good for the price.

I see. I was thinking about potentially using bootcamp and installing XP Home on it. Hopefully it will run decently...

  interzone55 10:30 27 Nov 2008

XP would run OK on 1gb of RAM.

Think carefully about iWork though, I know the copy my father-in-law uses won't open Office documents, and the stuff produced in iWork doesn't open well in either OpenOffice or MS Office.
His copy is quite old though, he's running MacOS X 10.2 on an old pre-Intel iMac...

  Ade_1 11:15 27 Nov 2008

Ah I see. I checked and it is supposed to be compatible with MS Office and OO. Perhaps it might be that it's the older one that he has those issues. I'll be sure to check it out before I do make any rash decisions though. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I appreciate all the help you've provided.


  naineysman 22:22 27 Nov 2008

I just downloaded this recently and it works a treat.

Another app (parrallels) lets you run XP at the same time in another window but if you order online you get to ask questions live before you 'purchase' or at any Apple store the staff will do 1 to 1 shopping with you and show you everything/anything you want.

  naineysman 18:00 28 Nov 2008

Today is officially Black Friday fro Apple, you are getting good deals for today only.

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