Apple Mac V's Windows

  Little Gem 11 13:44 27 Dec 2012

Hi, I need a new laptop and my husband has been speaking to a sales person who as convinced him that I need an Apple Mac Laptop at quite a lot of money compared to the laptops I was looking at in PC World.

He says that he can get the Apple Mac with a dual login so I can use Apple Mac or Windows; I need windows for work. This is so I can have the advantage of Apple speed and technology but also still use documents at work.

My husband thinks that I am being horrible because I can't really see the advantage of spending all that money but only use the computer for Windows Office, photo's, video's, music and the internet.

Please, please help me decide if it is worth the expense.

  SillBill 14:25 27 Dec 2012

It sounds like your husband is the one who wants the Mac, if you have no need of Apple and its expensive products, stick to your guns - unless, of course, your husband wants to pay for it!

  bremner 14:37 27 Dec 2012

I am unashamedly one of Apples biggest fans. I have an iMac, Macbook Pro laptop, iPad, iPhone and countless iPods around the house.

Yes you can dual boot easily with Macs but of course added to the cost of the machine you would need a copy of Windows.

However from what you have said there seems very little point in you paying the near £1000 for a Macbook Pro when a sub £500 Windows machine would serve every purpose you want from the machine with little noticeable decrease in performance.

  TonyV 16:05 27 Dec 2012

Little Gem 11

I changed from a PC Windows to an iMAC earlier this year and quite honestly, I do get it to work, but at £1,000 it was very expensive and any other Apple product I have bought, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse have never worked correctly. How stupid is this - the Magic Mouse continually drops out from its' wireless connection and I am told it is because I haven't got the right batteries in the thing! I have tried every make and it makes not the slightest difference. I even went to the Apple Store and tried to get a couple of "their" batteries to see if they would help. The answer, "Sorry sir, we do not sell separate batteries, but we do have a set of six rechargeable ones along with a charger!" Who is kidding who? It took something like 4 months before I could get the thing, with an awful lot of work and telephone time with Apple engineers and Computer specialists, to get it any thing like operable.

All I can say is, that based on my experience of Apple, be very careful.

Good luck!


  bremner 16:15 27 Dec 2012


I have the mouse and trackpad like you. I have always used Duracell batteries and have never had a single issue with them.

Do you have anything near the computer that could be causing interference with the Bluetooth signal?

  TonyV 16:44 27 Dec 2012


I've been using Duracell and have packed the mouse with paper to stop them sliding etc etc, as recommended by the people in the Apple Forums, all to no avail. On those forums, there are no end of people mumping at Apple because of the problem, it is certainly not just me! It has dropped out twice today.

The iMAC is on a desk with the back of the iMAC adjacent to a wall. On the desk to the right of the iMAC is the PlusNet router and an Apple Express Airport or some such name, (a 4" square little white box.) supplied by Apple to get over some of the wireless problems from inception. On the desk is also an electric table light. On a shelf above the iMAC is an HP Wireless all-in-one printer. So in effect, there is nothing that can be said to be interfering with the signal. The mouse is about 2ft away as is the trackpad. I have them both operating since one will go down and I have a chance with the other.

Don't want to hi-jack this post though!!



  retep888™ 17:07 27 Dec 2012

Little Gem 11 Quoted: << This is so I can have the advantage of Apple speed and technology>>

Both systems have pros & cons, according to what you'll do with the new laptop, you won't see much speed advantage at all.(unless your husband meant the wake up time from sleep)

Quoted: << I need windows for work, also still use documents at work. >>

Just go for a Windows laptop for peace of mind & value for money.

  TonyV 17:40 27 Dec 2012

Little Gem 11

I have to say I agree with retep888™, stick with the Windows option. Certainly the start up time is quicker than Windows, but I find waking from sleep can be a bit of a hit and usually miss affair!


  Woolwell 11:58 28 Dec 2012

There is a bit of confusion over "Windows for work". This probably means Microsoft Office (Word, etc) and this can be obtained in a mac version (at an extra cost of course). Concur that it would be cheaper and probably easier to stay with a Windows laptop although W8 may make me consider about the easier bit.

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