Apple Mac Vs PC

  Shikaree 11:50 29 Sep 2009

Hi Folks,

I want to purchase an Apple Mac - iMac24. Can any body, please Help. Any Mac users who have used both a PC and Mac could you kindly advise. It will be much appreciated.



  oldbeefer2 11:57 29 Sep 2009

What is it, specifically, that you would like to know?

  Sebby 12:06 29 Sep 2009

I used a PC for 10 years and switched to a Mac in March this year. I'd never go back to a PC unless I had to. I don't for one minute say Macs are perfect, but it's a much easier life. Installation/uninstallation is much simplier and efficient, it doesn't slow down so it needs formatting, you don't need anti-virus/anti-malware software, and the list goes on. On the minus side, they're expensive.

  Shikaree 13:19 29 Sep 2009

Hi oldbeefer2,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have had PCs since 1988 - The first was an Amstrad Portable, duel Disk. Then I got my Dan and now my Evesham which has completed 9 years last February. I have upgraded it to the hilt. Can't do much any more. It's absolute slow.

I have had a lot of Virus & Spyware problems with both my Dan & my Evesham, especially Evesham. Compared to prices now they both cost an arm and a leg then.

Of course, I know Macs are more expensive but a lot of the head aches are not there with a Mac I believe.

I now have three hard drives in my Evesham, Cloned so that if my First Hard Drive fails I only have to unplug all the leads from the First to the next Cloned hard drive. I then reclone the First. That way I don't have to Format and put everything back which takes ever so long.

Hope this Helps to answer your question.


  oldbeefer2 13:28 29 Sep 2009

Blimey - you have had problems! I too have an Evesham (only 4 yrs old, admittedly). By doing the usual housekeeping and being careful which sites I go to it is still pretty quick. I did do a re-install earlier this year which speeded things up a lot. My son and daughter use Macs for desktop publishing - they would not go back to PCs. They are not totally infalible (what electrical stuff is), but they do seem to suffer less than a PC. There are some drawbacks if you have a lot of MS software (although I believe there are emulators available which allow this to run on a Mac). You would need to get used to different ways of emailing etc, but I've used their machines when I've been staying with them and not had too many times where I've had to ask for advice!

  Shikaree 13:28 29 Sep 2009

Thanks Sebby, for your prompt reply. I was reluctant to go for Macs as they are not compatible with many Software. Now, of course, the latest Macs, the guy at PC World told me come with Windows and hard drives and Memory that one finds in PCs. He of course was trying to sell one to me so I decided to get the facts from those who have used both. PCA is the best place to get all the right answers.

I like the iMac24. It's got so much in it. A bit pricey but the PC head aches won't be there.

Thanks for your suggestions and advise. At least I now know a little more about Macs to help me decide.


  Shikaree 17:36 29 Sep 2009


My Evesham is as I mentioned before is over Nine Years old. I bought it from QVC in February 2000. I came with a 20GB Hard Drive which stopped working after about a week. I phoned QVC and they asked if I wanted to return it. I said that I'd keep it if Evesham came and replaced the Hard Drive. You won't believe they were here the next day and replaced the Samsung 5400 speed with a Western Digital 7200 speed as I requested as I didn't like the Samsung. They said that that would be an extra charge but they decided not to charge. After that I have had no real computer hardware problems. If they were still in business I would have bought another Evesham.

The Virus problems is due to my G/kids surfing and downloading things. My Evesham came with Norton and it was awful so Evesham requested me to uninstall it. From then on I used to use Free AVG. Then I got NTL Antivirus and now Virgin.

About a week ago I put on Kaspersky.

I'm still deciding what to buy. I have seen the iMac24 - I like it, Dell Studio XPS - good spec and Acer M7720 - big H/D capacity and Graphic Card and Memory.

This afternoon in PC World one of the Tech Guys told me that in his family there are nine Macs. From the Mac3, Mac4 to the latest on. They only go for Macs. Too much hassle with PCs. Unfortunately the only iMac24 was on display. I'll go to Croydon branch tomorrow.

I think the IMac24 comes with Vista and it's own Leopard software.

  Robbiecollie 20:56 29 Sep 2009

I have an imac 24 and run windows 7 via boot camp so the best of both worlds also apple service if needed is brilliant go for it you will no tregret it

  Shikaree 21:23 29 Sep 2009

Hi Robbiecollie,

Thanks for your reply, and encouragement. Sadly the iMac24 I was going for at PC World is now out of stock. They have the next upgrade to the one I wanted now. It's also iMac24 but with a bigger spec and of course, cost much more.

Lets see what happens tomorrow when I go to another branch.

  interzone55 22:09 29 Sep 2009

"Now, of course, the latest Macs, the guy at PC World told me come with Windows and hard drives and Memory that one finds in PCs."

Did the PC World guy actually tell you Macs come with Windows???

They can run Windows, but they don't come with it pre-installed.

A Mac running Windows will suffer the same problems as any other Windows PC, ie Virus attacks and system clogging up after a while.

Also, I have to disagree with Sebby, Mac OS computers are not safe from virus & malware attacks. As more Macs are sold, so they become more attractive to malcontents. Also, Apple are not as quick as MS at admitting to problems and fixing them...

  Quiet Life 15:04 30 Sep 2009

See click here

At least with your PC experience you know what you would be getting. Agree the imacs look good but HP and Dell amongst others are producing the same type of standalone combined pc/monitors.
To buy an imac to run windows makes no sense.
I had a go at an imac and am glad it was a lemon as PCs are really very good and reliable and W7 is a very much a better operating system than Vista.

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