Apple Mac Power Book G4

  carolineann 21:40 03 Jul 2004

My daughters boyfriend has had the above machine for only two days.He was copying music from a c/d and it froze.When he switched on again it made a few noises but nothing on the screen. He is unable to remove the c/d.
As this is a replacement by the Insurance Company because of accidental damage to his other one, what action do you think he should take.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:49 03 Jul 2004

Best to get in touch with the insurers and seek their advice - otherwise, have a look at the terms and conditions of their provision of this machine and see if they stipulate who may hold the ultimate responsibility.

  carolineann 22:01 03 Jul 2004

My thoughts as well.But as it is the weekend,they got in a flap because they cant contact any one till Monday.But I told them they should just ring the Insurer and say they are rejecting it. Supposed to be a new one but the lid does not close properly!

  Diodorus Siculus 22:06 03 Jul 2004

They may not have been obliged to return a new one; often they will only be expected to replace like with like.

But yes, contact the insurers and explain the the machine is not functioning as it should and ask to whom it must be returned.

  ajm 22:11 03 Jul 2004

When you say that this is a replacement machine from the insurers, did the insurance company send you the machine directly to you, or did they give you insurance vouchers to go out and buy the machine.

From your posting, it seems the former case. If not and you were sent vouchers to buy a replacemnet machine from a retailer, take the machine back to the retailer and ask for a new exchange.

  carolineann 10:23 04 Jul 2004

The insurance company sent the machine direct. The policy is for new replacemants for any claim. The first machine was only two months old. Will let you know what the insurers say tomorrow

  carolineann 11:44 06 Jul 2004

Insurers accepted it was their problem. New one should have been sent.
They promised it would be here today.
And it is.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:38 06 Jul 2004

Wow - I think I will go with your insurer! Sounds like good service.

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