Apple Mac or PC? Please Help

  Slimboyfat747 08:19 11 Sep 2005

Can anyone advise me. I have been given a demo on the iMac and I am really impressed with the operating system. However, I am worried about the compatability with systems at my daughters' school/collage as they use PC Window's XP applications. Please help. Many thanks

  Gongoozler 08:31 11 Sep 2005

As you have observed, the Mac system is reputed to be more polished than Windows, but Windows is more universally adopted. Mac is also more expensive and you won't be able to buy any upgrade components other than those made by Apple. Compatibility with Windows applications will also be a problem. There is an interesting comparison in the current issue of PC Advisor magazine.

  canaleja 08:56 11 Sep 2005

PC is less expensive and a bit more vulnerable than MAC. MAC is super specialised while PC is a generalist computer. PC has oddles of more programs than MAC. If you buy a MAC, you may well one day want to create two systems on your MAC, one for PC with XP and the other for MAC, because it is possible. I know of at least eight guys who did it but the problem is that you have to be an experienced technicien on MAC to make PC work on it. Of the 75 to a hundred people I know on PC's, about 25 of them were all MAC guys who turned to PC. I am a former MAC man and while I had much less hard ware problems with MAC the compatibility is not that easy at all.

  wobbly76 13:02 11 Sep 2005

Hi, this really depends on how much you want to do, I use both OS's on seperate machines, although I have a Mac G4 with Win. 2k on it because XP refused to load, that works fine for reading data cd's written for Windows but there are a few problems with other stuff. Why not try this forum as they could give you more info.

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  Kate B 15:51 11 Sep 2005

What do you want to do with the computer? I love Macs and recommend them to people who want something that just works, doesn't require a great deal of maintenance and stroking in the way that a Windows PC does and aren't worried about gaming.

If you just want to surf the web, keep your music and pictures and use Office software, go for a Mac. You can get Office for Mac (your daughter will qualify for the educational version which is around the 90 quid mark) and everything produced by Office for Mac is compatible with Windows machines. Ditto any images worked on and saved as jpgs. Macs also come with an excellent software suite.

If you want to play games, however, you'll need a Windows machine, and a reasonably well-specced one at that. And anyone who likes tweaking their computer will certainly prefer a Windows box.

Up to you. I have both a monster Windows gaming rig and an entry-level Mac laptop and I love them both for different reasons.

  Taran 16:50 11 Sep 2005

Macs aren't super specialised at all.

If anything, they are probably easier to use and get to know if they are your first ever computer.

I use them both daily and out of preference spend more time than I should with my Macs, but since Windows has the market share and if the computer will be used for general college/university work then it makes sense to stay with the market leader.

However, if the coursework is media based, ther is a better than average chance that the Mac will, in fact, be more appropriate.

Out of the box the Mac has more brilliant software than you can shake a stick at - useful applications that work well and look gorgeous in the process.

Horses for courses or in this case, a computer for educational courses.

The vast majority of school and college work will be with Microsoft programs running on PCs, so by dint of that fact alone a PC would be the most appropriate choice.

Balanace your purchase on a requirements analysis basis. Do you require a Mac or a PC ? Simple question, hard to answer though ;o)

  Slimboyfat747 20:36 11 Sep 2005

Thank you all very much for contributing to my dilema. As you all say, they are suited to specific reasons. I think the best thing to do is to win the lottery and buy both!!

Many thanks,


  ddd3 00:03 12 Sep 2005

Ken, when you say Windows applications do you mean specialised apps or general ones like Word? If you're just referring to general apps then any computer, even Linux, will run them thanks to Open It's a kind of standing joke that OOo is more compatible with Word than Word is (They don't discontinue support for older versions like MS do). That being the case Macs are better unless you're a tweaker, in which case Linux is better. I've got all three (Plus a RiscPC) and the Mac and Risc machines are the ones that don't break down, at least in this household.

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