Apple Mac G3 - Wholly Blue Tower

  weston 15:41 07 Feb 2009

I have a Performa 6320, the HDD of which is giving trouble - won't boot. A G3 tower (not blue and white case) is available using OS 10.4.

Is this model OK? Does anyone know of any problems?

  Quiller. 15:45 07 Feb 2009

The hard drive running 10.4 will not work in a 6320

  weston 15:50 07 Feb 2009

I am not intending to swap drives but use it as is.

  Quiller. 15:53 07 Feb 2009

So what is the question?

Will 10.4 work in a G3 tower?

  Quiller. 16:03 07 Feb 2009

G3 is a kansas with a 5300 board it will not run 10.4. Any other G3 should be fine.

  weston 10:32 09 Feb 2009

I have an Iomega Jaz Drive with back-ups from my Apple Performa 6320 HDD. Is there a way to connect the Jaz Drive (SCSI) to an old G3 OS 10.4(there is no SCSI connection) without it costing an arm and a leg? Also, the G3 has a dual drive. If OS 10.4 is on 1 HDD will it run if OS 7.5.3 is installed on the other HDD?

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