Apple laptop battery recall

  realist 21:07 24 Aug 2006
  Jackcoms 21:14 24 Aug 2006

Where Dell leads, others follow.

  ade.h 23:17 24 Aug 2006

Now where can I buy one of those wind-up laptops.....?

  phoenix198 11:48 25 Aug 2006

As I understand it, Sony supplied the faulty batteries to both Dell and Apple.

And its down to a quality problem during manufacture ie: Sony's quality problem. So I'm a little nervous now about the Sony battery in my own Sony laptop, although I haven't seen or heard any stories about Sony laptops overheating and/or bursting into flames.

  Forum Editor 11:53 25 Aug 2006

Yes' it' a Sony problem by the look of it, and will cost the company a couple of hundred million dollars at least. That's not the important factor for Sony though, they'll be far more concerned about the consequences as far as their business reputation is concerned. The shares have already taken a tumble.

As for your Sony laptop battery - if your machine is running Ok, with no apparent overheating you're probably alright, although there's obviously no way to guarantee that.

  phoenix198 12:07 26 Aug 2006

Thanks for the reassurance. Have to say that my Sony seems to run relatively cool, and what heat there is appears to emanate from the processor and system air outlet in the rear left of the chassis rather the battery area (mid to rear right).

Sony are having a bit of a 'mare at the moment aren't they? The DRM rootkit issue, followed by this, the rumbles around the web about problems making Blu-Ray work, and adverse reaction to the anticipated £400 price for a PS3. Small wonder their share price is suffering.

  GreenApple123 21:33 12 Sep 2006

I bought a replacement battery for my Sony laptop about a month ago from <a href="click here">click here;/a> and it works great. Is there any reason to think that a replacement Sony laptop battery would be any worse than the manufacturers?

  Kate B 11:31 13 Sep 2006

I've just had my new battery arrive from Apple - a very efficient process.

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