Apple iPhone who is buying one?

  Legolas 21:14 10 Jan 2007

I see the Apple iPhone has been launched amid much whopping and geekish fervour. After reading some reviews on it I am at a loss to see what all the fuss is about and I dont think I will be buying one in fact I'm not sure I would buy one at half the price, what about other members of the forum are you rushing out to get one?

  ArrGee 21:51 10 Jan 2007

Nah, they still haven't managed to incorporate an option to make your early morning tea.

I think it's a bit lame having a 2mp camera, but then again, I suppose there has to be a compromise on space.

Has there been any mention on how long the battery will typically last on a music-listening against talk-time basis?

  powerless 22:31 10 Jan 2007

It's not been launched, it's been announced!


June in US.

Europe Q4 [i think].

Asia 2008.

Looking at the US prices it won't be cheap but I couldn't resist it and will probably buy it!

If you want to see what the fuss is about click here

  jack 08:39 11 Jan 2007

Not me
I have a mobile in the car
Pay as you Go
Been there a year unused - battery flat by now and account taken off I imagine

  pavvi 11:06 11 Jan 2007

I think it is a case of suck it and see. Mobile phone forums have basically slated the phone, but people who like style over substance will i think go for it. How much substance it will have by the time it gets over here will depend on what tweeks apple put into it as over here we use sms more than the US do. They mainly use blackerry features in the states to send quick emails, or use push to talk, which is a feature almost unheard of here that is much similar to using a walkie talkie

  lisa02 11:33 11 Jan 2007

I can't see the popularity of it other than 40+ year olds trying to look ""cool"". Most kids, teens won't be able to afford it.

I prefer functionality over appearance. I hate the chocolate phones with their touch buttons and joysticks, now on most Nokias, as they are awkward. I imagine it'll be the same with touch screens.

One of my first things to look at is how quickly I can sms's and how easy it is to type on it. IMO it's the raised normal buttons that facilitate good sms use, the RAZR was a disaster in that respect.

  dms05 11:47 11 Jan 2007

Three of the oddest features are:

1 It's not 3G so it can't use fast data rates. It uses very old tacky technology - GPRS.

2.The battery is not user replaceable.

3. It has a tiny virtual keyboard thats so small hitting the correct key will be difficult.

As a PDA it's very expensive compared to others.

I also note Apple expect most sales to come from iPod users who upgrade. So they only see it as a music player that makes calls.

Sounds like the Cube computer Apple made years ago - anyone remember it? Looked good and bombed in a big way.

  Jimmy14 18:26 11 Jan 2007

Looks very nice after watching Steve Jobs introducing it. Looks like I certainly will be buying one.

  Arnie 00:04 12 Jan 2007

I'm on your side.
I use a Nokia 1100, I say use, although I am lucky if it is used more than once a month.

I have never agreed with phones having cameras etc built-in, but if that's what people are prepared to pay for that's their choice.

  dms05 08:19 12 Jan 2007

Jack Gold's item in the 'News' section says it all click here.

  bfoc 18:16 12 Jan 2007

However, being stylish and easy to use can lead to a huge impact on the market - and Apple have a good history in this area.

I would guess that what Apple would like to do is 'create' a market for the iPhone amongst those who would never buy a 'typical' smartphone but who have discovered (via the iPod) that Apple can make hard/software that just works.

Many people might like a phone/pda/mp3 player, but at the moment don't believe they would have the time/knowledge to use it properly. Apple is hoping that these people (both under and over 40) will 'trust' the Apple name enough to give the iPhone a try.

If it lives up to its promise it really could be a major player - if it doesn't then all the trust (and kudos) that Apple has gained through the iPod will evaporate.

So, would I buy one? Much too early to say, but I do know my daughter would love one.

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