apple i phone 3GS

  ootie 13:29 22 Jul 2009

Can anyone help me? I have been given the above phone as a present and can't seem to make head or tail of it. I have been 'attempting' to drag and drop music files from my computer to the phone, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas Please????

  tullie 14:06 22 Jul 2009

No clues in the user manual?

  ootie 16:04 22 Jul 2009

The user manual is about 5 pages long, and is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. so no...., the manual is of no help. I think it is because they want you to download it from i-tunes and pay for it, rather than downloading from your own cd's. So..., if any one has any advice (in idiot language please) then I would be very grateful. (you can't even get songs via bluetooth).

  Rigga 17:21 22 Jul 2009

First you need to install ITunes which is free from Apple. > click here <

Then once installed, you then need to point it at your media library folder, i.e. the folder where your music is stored. (It may ask this during the install or first start)

Once ITunes knows about all your music, you can then connect you IPhone, thie should then allow you to sync your music to your phone.

AFAIK the only Apple recommended way to get music onto your IPhone is through ITunes.


  ootie 17:48 22 Jul 2009

Thanks very much Rigga! You're a superstar! x

  FatboySlim71 22:45 22 Jul 2009

Just adding my two penneth worth. You do not need to download your albums/songs from the iTunes store, you can if you wish add them from your own cds.

I always use the iTunes software to add music on to my iPod Nano basically because I find the software easy to use and it does everything I want it to including the ability to add CD artwork for the cover flow feature on the iPod too.

You can use other 3rd party software instead of iTunes I believe for adding music, but it is not as easy has just dragging and dropping the files over.

Below is a link to some search results I got.

click here=

  ootie 16:51 25 Jul 2009

Thanks for your two penneth! I appreciate it...., however i must be really thick, because nearly one week on and I've still not managed to do it, and i am slowly losing the will to live!! I have created a folder on my laptop with all of the music in which I want to transfer over to the iphone, but i just can't get it to work!

  john bunyan 17:06 25 Jul 2009

1. Make sure you have the latest iTunes installed.
2. In i Tunes, Music, click on File then "Add folder to library". click on the folder you wnd to bring in.
This should add all the tunes you want.
3.If you want to automaticaaly sync every time, fine, but I then go to Edit, preferences, then click on device and check the box "Do not automatiaccl synch..." This means you can decide which folders or games or videos youy want the i Phone to have.
4. Connect the i Phone and register it if you have not already done so.
5. Check the relevant boxes in Music, videos etc.
7 Press Synch.
8 I assume your songs have adio tags - another suject!!
Good luck - hope it works, do come back for any further points.

  ootie 11:13 03 Aug 2009

Thanks very much guys! i'm all up and running! YEY!! I'll probably be back for more advice soon, and I'm tempted to buy a dvd to iphone converter! I have downloaded a free trial thing, but it only allows you to download 15 minutes of the film! Cheeky! Thanks again!

  john bunyan 13:29 03 Aug 2009

Well done. I have a (paid for ) DVD converter - "CuCusoft iPod video converter" that works well and has a setting for iPod touch /phone.

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