An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.

  dagnammit 17:50 12 Jul 2009

Seems that old saying has been updated:

click here

Time to start a new health initiative in the work place then. :D

  crosstrainer 18:02 12 Jul 2009

..What absolute garbage!! One day we can eat eggs..Next day we can't. One week butter is good...Next week it's bad.

The Mongolian race, have lived for centuries on milk...From which they get cheese, milk, and (I tried it once) Alcohol

The meat comes from the animals they keep.

B.... The doctors

All in moderation I say.

  dukeboxhero 19:07 12 Jul 2009

So thats why im always no well

  laurie53 19:29 12 Jul 2009

"An apple a day keeps the Doctor away."

Obviously what has been omitted for all these thousands of years is that the apple should be used in the same way as it it was in the Garden of Eden.

  rickf 19:43 12 Jul 2009

Has this country gone mad or more accurately those supposedly in charge. It may well br true that it's healthy emotionally and physically to have regular sex but its quite another to use to encourage adolescents to have sex. Don't we already have a problem with teenage pregnancies already!!!

  mrwoowoo 19:50 12 Jul 2009

I'll mention this to the wife.
Don't think she will fall for it though.)O:!

  WhiteTruckMan 20:00 12 Jul 2009

Anyone remember the slogan 'go to work on an egg'...

I think I'll get my coat now and avoid the rush.


  Armchair 20:14 12 Jul 2009

That title is misleading, because the article mentions no such thing.

Also, it doesn't say exactly which age group this is supposed to apply to. Does this mean there'll be no such thing as a paedophile?!

  Armchair 20:17 12 Jul 2009

ACtually, scrap my first point. It does say, "an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away". Jeez, that's tacky.

they must be crackers, lol.

  Grey Goo 20:56 12 Jul 2009

I had a sly smirk when I saw the name "Steve Slack", seems he needs to take his own advice. Now if you could only combine the 5 fruits or veggies with the advised activity - wait a minute - I'd forgotten about fruit flavoured rubbers and edible knickers, problem solved.

  newman35 22:48 12 Jul 2009

Methinks a padlock cometh!

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