Apple computers / current poll.

  lisa02 15:21 09 Aug 2007

Who makes the Polls? is it FE?

I haven't been able to answer many of the questions recently as the choices do not apply to me.

In this case it's:

"I've used Macs but the PC is cheaper and does the job."

I wouldn't say they are rubbish or great.

The first computers I was taught on where Apple Mac Classics (I even used a Lisa!) and then the school upgraded to the "Performa" range.

When I finished High School I moved to College where they had PCs - boy did I struggle at the start! Since then Apple has never appealed to me.

  Kate B 15:27 09 Aug 2007

I'm beginning to think the FE should discontinue the polls because every single time there's at least one thread saying "there isn't an answer for me". To which every time at least one person replies (and it's me, this time) saying if there isn't an option for you, don't take part in the poll.

Polls are all about the questions, really, not about the participants.

  Kate B 15:28 09 Aug 2007

and blimey, did you really use a Lisa? You must have been in the metaphorical equivalent of short trousers! I'm quite jealous about that ... great piece of computing history.

  lisa02 15:32 09 Aug 2007

"and blimey, did you really use a Lisa?"

Yeah, it was in the techy room of the main computer suite.

  interzone55 20:07 09 Aug 2007

We had an Apple Lisa at our school, but for some reason the Computer Studies O Level students weren't allowed near it, it was used by the CDT (Craft Design & Technology) students.

We were stuck with a couple of Research Machines 380Zs , one with 70kb single sided disks and one with double sided 140kb disks

click here

We managed to use this computer to do a bit of Wargames style hacking, by breaking into our local Barclays bank through the simple expedient of looking up their phone number in the phonebook, then dialing the next few numbers.

The modem was a super fast 300 baud unit with an acoustic couple that you sat the phone handset in.

Sorry to hijack your thread Lisa02, but you sent me down memory lane with the Apple Lisa.

btw I haven't been able to answer the last few polls at all. We need a Brewster's Millions "None of the Above" option

  interzone55 20:09 09 Aug 2007

ps when I say "breaking into our local Barclays bank" we didn't physically break in, and we didn't do any meddling, we just looked around a bit and didn't didn't see any of the fancy graphics like when they do some hacking in the films, we got a couple of password screens then gave up

  estabond 21:29 09 Aug 2007

Isn't the answer for a 'none of the above' response, to press the Vote button without having chosen any of the options? It works for me.

  Forum Editor 23:06 09 Aug 2007

Sometimes it is, but then again, sometimes it's not, it may be Paul Trotter, the magazine editor.

I tend to create polls when I need feedback for a piece I'm going to write, and as I've said a hundred times before - these polls are simply used as a way of getting a snapshot of opinions. There's no suggestion that they are industry indicators, or public opinion polls, valid as research data.

If you don't find an answer that reflects your opinion then don't vote. If we included every possible combination of circumstances in every poll there would be dozens of options, and the game wouldn't be worth the candle, as they say.

  Forum Editor 23:08 09 Aug 2007

That simply sets a cookie, so you get the 'you have already voted' message.

  wolfie3000 23:29 09 Aug 2007

Will the madness ever end?

click here=

click here

  lisa02 10:33 13 Aug 2007

I should have worded the post better. I was asking about the poll but I was more curious about your Apple computing experiences.

Ticked Anyway.

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