antony.dandrea 19:29 20 Apr 2008

I dont wish to be nasty or offensive to any Mac or iPod owners, but i hate Apple.

They think they are all cool with their impossible technology an di trying to overthrow Microsoft and most businesses in electronics.

Plus, i dont care wat anybody says: Macs are not invincible to all viruses. everyone says that. it is an ordinary computer. it can catch virus.

is there anyone out there who agrees? Or not?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:42 20 Apr 2008

schools go back tomorrow.

  Earthsea 19:45 20 Apr 2008

'Macs are not invincible to all viruses'


  anskyber 19:55 20 Apr 2008

I agree Macs are not " invincible to all viruses" and indeed I think from reports that the new Apple operating system is having experiences similar to many a new OS.

I do not "hate" Apple (although I'm not fond of Golden Delicious).

The reason?

Simple, I look at what is on offer in terms of a PC and it's OS and choose one which fits me. I see no point in trying to justify my decision by deriding the alternatives which others might be perfectly happy with..... how does it serve any purpose?

If you hate a company or an operating system it's time to look in a mirror and ask yourself some questions.

If the real purpose of your thread is to make a general point about spin or hype or general scandal about things which actualy is irrational and has little foundation in fact......well I agree.

  belfman 20:06 20 Apr 2008

I quite like Apple computers but not the iPod and iPhone.

iPods are too common and the iPhone just isn't good enough. To me Apple perhaps are damaging their image with that crap device.

  mammak 21:01 20 Apr 2008

Apple ipod is one little gadget I wouldn't be without!

Now the itouch, technology at it's best in my opinion, with it's outstanding Safari browser, what better why is there to pop into PCA, when your suffering so much with backache, even a
laptop is to heavy to hold :-)

  interzone55 21:29 20 Apr 2008

Here's what I can't understand.

The EU, and the US courts issued procedings against Microsoft for bundling Internet Explorer & Windows Media Player with Windows.

So far the EU has fined MS the GDP of a medium sized African country for not removing said applications.

Yet Apple merrily bundle Safari & iTunes and nobody is overly concerned.

Apple has now been caught issuing Safari to Windows users as an important update to iTunes, do we see Steve Jobs in court begging for forgiveness? No we don't.

The sooner we see Anti-trust actions against Apple for abusing it's dominant position in the MP3 market the better.

They also charge £99 for what is basically as service pack of Mac OSX, and I noticed that they're charging £20 for a service pack for the iPod Touch. If MS charged for a service pack there'd be rioting on the streets, but no all the Apple fanboys just waltz up to the Apple store with open wallets shouting "Steve, Steve, take all my money, and when I've run out I'll sell my sister..."

No, I do't really like Apple, then again I'm not really much of a MS fan, but they do sometimes get abused quite unfairly...

  wee eddie 23:22 20 Apr 2008

Apple has it in spades.

The Techie side is up to you.

Thank the Lord for Steve Jobs. Without him, M$ would be putting out DOS 8.3 in Grey Boxes.

  Forum Editor 23:32 20 Apr 2008

to any Mac or iPod owners, but i hate Apple."

Which is a very good reason for you not to buy one. It's hardly a reason to deliberately provoke a contentious discussion on a web forum though, and I'm afraid I'm not in the mood for yet another tedious Mac versus PC debate.

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