rawprawn 16:26 22 Jun 2006

I am (maybe was) considering buying a new Apple computer. I had a card given to me after I had a demo at the Apple shop in the Trafford Centre some months ago, and I emailed them showing my interest, and asking a couple of questions that I thought I needed to know before making the hour journey. They received my email 3 days ago, confirmed by MSGTAG but they have not replied. Is this the kind of customer service they give? any comments will be welcome.

  Jimmy14 17:00 22 Jun 2006

Dont know about the customer service but I think their computers are excellent quality. Their software is also brilliant. There is only one downside that I can think of and it is the compatibility issue with macs. There is some software and hardware compatible with it but most of things are for windows.

  Dizzy Bob 19:03 22 Jun 2006

To solve Jimmy14's point about software availability, if you look at the new intel based Mac Book Pro range, and download an appliaction called Bootcamp, this will allow you to install Windows on the apple.

The downside is that you will have to buy a full retail version of xp home (unless anyone can advise if an oem version would work?) However you will then have a beautiful machine where you can choose between the very reliable and robust apple os, or the massively supported windows os. Just choose either option at boot up.

Please note that bootcamp is a 'beta' programme, meaning that is not officially supported by apple (I believ hat apple are looking to include in the next version of the Apple OS (leopard))

Good luck


  Forum Editor 19:33 22 Jun 2006

The build quality is high, and I have seldom heard of anyone needing much by way of after-sales service.

I've said it many times before, but maybe it's worth saying once again - if only Apple could get the price of their computers down to a more affordable level they would sell many more of them.

  powerless 20:09 22 Jun 2006

Apple Mac has shipped today.

MacBook ;-)

Pop back to the T/Centre [i was there at it's opening] you'll find them more than interested.

  rawprawn 21:17 22 Jun 2006

I really do fancy an Apple, but I am really suprised at their lack of interest in my enquiry. Thanks for all the imput.

  Dizzy Bob 21:40 22 Jun 2006

Why not try another retailer? PCW sell them as do mac specialists (Solutions in Brighton for one)


  bob_ffc 15:08 27 Jun 2006

i have to say i found myself in a siilar situation, i e-mailed apple with some questions about the new imac's and recieved a mass produced advert basically that told me nothing that wasn't on the website already and didnt answer my questions in the slightest.

  IanR_ 16:57 27 Jun 2006

I have been to the Trafford Centre shop looking at the iMacs,it will be the first Apple for me & the lad working there was more than helpful with my crap questions that he must hear day in day out.
Very good shop

  Jimmy14 20:41 27 Jun 2006

If Apple did put their prices down to affordable levels then everyone would be flocking to buy them including me but they are very expensive and the software and peripherals to attach to them also.

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