Apes prefer Apples to bananas!!

  canarieslover 14:25 29 Dec 2011

Is this why Apple are succeeding where Microsoft fail, they make it easy enough for monkeys to understand?Monkey business

  Quickbeam 15:17 29 Dec 2011

I prefer oranges, but use Vodafone...

  wiz-king 16:38 29 Dec 2011

I wonder if they will write the works of Shackespere? Or wont give a howl to Siri?

  Condom 17:52 29 Dec 2011

I bet you a squid that before too long some other idiot will give an octopus 8 of them to see if it can communicate with itself. How stupid is stupid?

  wee eddie 20:57 02 Jan 2012

Wishful thinking

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