Algorithm for slot machines - to use on PC

  VoG™ 23:44 27 Feb 2003

Does anybody know the algorithm (or odds) on a 3 reel bog standard American slot machine. I am going to program this in Excel (Oh, yes I am!) but I want to use the real odds, not simply random numbers). And, I really need American slots, which don't always put a symbol on the payline.


  Djohn 23:47 27 Feb 2003

VoG™, don't know what the maths are, but I do know that they can ba adjusted, (Legally) to pay out between 75% and 90% of takings. J.

  Cordy13 23:53 27 Feb 2003

You might get a chip from The Gaming Board in Las Vegas, Nevada (plus a visit from your local (friendly) FBI office)

  VoG™ 23:57 27 Feb 2003

Thanks, that was remarkably quick. In fact in Las Vegas, from which I have just returned courtesy of Loraine (wife) some of them reckon to return 98%.

However, what I was really looking for is example: there are 50 symbols on a reel (let's say, I don't know) what are the chances of that appearing again. Similarly for reels 2 and 3 which spend less time a'spinning as we Nevadians say.

I will program this in Excel.

And it will save my house, car, ...

  Cordy13 00:02 28 Feb 2003

The chip determines the payout and they are part and parcel of the machine. You can do all the programmes you like but if you aint gonna get a Jackpot - you won't!

  VoG™ 00:10 28 Feb 2003


You will of course own the copyright on what I eventually post (which I will, there has to be an element of trust here) so it can go on a CD or web or whatever.

I know exactly how to do this, not the odds. You find out the odds and I will deliver.

I know that this is an unusual request but I am too!!

  Djohn 00:11 28 Feb 2003

VoG™, you are probably correct on that % figure, I was working from memory, not a good thing to do these days! :o(

I know it is within that region, and we, (My wife and myself) would always set ours to pay out towards the higher limit. The reason being, the more that people saw them pay out, then the more that people would play them.

We always won in the end though, as you will know a small percentage of a lot of money is better than a large percentage of nothing.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday, I used to love going to the states. Regards, J.

  Cordy13 00:15 28 Feb 2003

Good luck, those machine KNOW, in advance, if they are going to pay out, Been there, saw it, had a Jackpot and the second and third wheels spin for ever when it it's going to pay off!!

  jazzypop 03:26 28 Feb 2003

How about -

click here

click here

click here (pdf file, see example 10.8)

click here (scroll to bottom)

click here THERE MINIMUM PERCENTAGE PAYOUTS FOR GAMING MACHINES? (the Gaming Board of Great Britain - minimum payout %'s)

click here (same site, more info on gaming machines)

Best of luck to you :)

  jazzypop 03:27 28 Feb 2003

The second to last link got mangled - try this instead - click here

  Psiman 07:37 28 Feb 2003

In very simplistic terms, (no interference from outside influences) if you have one golden bell symbol on a 50 symbol reel, three reels to a machine then the odds of three golden bells is:

(1/50 x 1/50 x 1/50) = 1:125,000

Similarly if you have 5 cherries per reel then the odds of 3 cherries is:

(5/50 x 5/50 x 5/50) = 125/125,000 = 1:1000

Taking this to extremes if you have 50 cherries per reel, then:

(50/50 x 50/50 x 50/50) = 1:1

Obviously things are more complicated than this as jazzypop's links illustrate.

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