Age old dilemma......Mac or PC

  Spurs442 15:50 23 Apr 2009

I'm really struggling to decide whether to buy a Mac or PC. I do about 10 wedding videos per year and occasionally use the internet. The wedding videos are normally about 4 hours footage input into the computer and come out with about a 90 minute final cut.

I'm struggling to work out if a Mac would be the better option. For example, the iMAC is about £950 and is dual core, 2GB memory and 320 Hard Drive while for that money I could get a PC with quad core, 8GB memory and large hard drive.

Do Macs work quicker than PCs for video editing? For example, even though the iMac has a dual core would it be the equivalent of a quad core PC, just because it is a mac? And does the same apply for the memory? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  wiz-king 18:06 23 Apr 2009

It would depend on the software you have. If you have some software that does the job then you will need to check that it is suitable and will run on the new machine. Buying new software could add considerably to the total price.

  Spurs442 10:44 24 Apr 2009

I will probably be buying new software, but the Mac comes with IMovie on it I think, which I presume is good.

  Proclaimer 11:06 24 Apr 2009

is what you need, the iMac and PC limit your system memory to 3.5 gb but the Mac Pro lets you use 16 gb which will be great for your needs, failing that you would need to switch to a 64bit Operating System on a Windows PC and make sure all the software and drivers work with 64 bit Windows

  jack 16:47 24 Apr 2009

Though there are Mac versions of PC ware - Photoshop for example- most is dedicated Mac and costs.
However in Publishing and other pro graphical situations Mac rule the roost, but dont expect common PC ware to run - it wont.

  Spurs442 16:58 24 Apr 2009

Just discovered in IMovie you can't output to Mini DV Tape or adjust volume within each clip - not good!

  DieSse 13:55 26 Apr 2009

I think you should forget about the hardware and concentrate on selecting the software which will best suit your needs.

Then choose your hardware based on the best you can afford to run your chosen software.

  DieSse 14:06 26 Apr 2009

Try putting best video editing software into a google search and look at some of the results - read the appropriate magazines - look at the relevant web sites and what they recommend - etc.

Don't forget packages which can run under Linux and may be free, such as Cinelerra click here and Kino click here

  DieSse 14:16 26 Apr 2009

Another good google search phrase ... choosing a video editing suite ... Lots of good links to read.

  bruni99 14:11 06 May 2009

Definately a Mac if you've got the money, or buy a PC and create a Hackintosh if you've got time :)

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