Advise on new gaming machine

  ordep 11:13 08 Feb 2008

I'm looking to buy a new games machine, base unit only, and would appreciate any comment or advise you have to offer on the following spec. recommended by Cougar this morning.

I did ask for the extra h/d as I'd like to keep the os separate from everything else. I was recommended to use my old os, xp, as I was told vista cannot play the older games, as I like to do from time to time. (tombe raider in particular.)

Gamers Intel Core 2 Duo 8800 (Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20 GHz 2Mb Cache, 2GB Kingston DDR2 667 - 2 x 1GB, 80GB SATA Hard Drive, 250GB Secondary SATA HDD, Impress Case , Corsair 520Watt PSU, 2 x 512Mb 8800GTS Nvidia DDR DVI, QC - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R - 1333fsb, DDR1333x4 non intergrated, Pioneer DVD +/- Re-writer 112D, Floppy Drive - SILVER, No Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Set Black and Silver, Integrated Sound Card, Intergrated Monitor Speakers, , Install Customers XP (number provided), No Additional Software, , 13 Month Warranty, Free Carriage) ££871

  keef66 11:36 08 Feb 2008

Looks a good spec to me. Am I reading that correctly; you're getting two 8800GTS graphics cards? Or is it one card with 2x512mb memory on it?

  ordep 11:47 08 Feb 2008

Thanks for your reply keef66. Yes apparently it is two cards, with two 1gb memory cards.

2 x 512Mb 8800GTS Nvidia DDR DVI (add £269.78)

2GB Kingston DDR2 667 - 2 x 1GB (add £22.27)

  keef66 12:06 08 Feb 2008

Then that's a pretty good price!

I just have a nagging doubt that for a balanced system you should maybe spend a bit more on the CPU, say an E6750, and a bit less on the graphics cards, say two 8800GT's

  keef66 12:11 08 Feb 2008

Or ask about the new 45nm Wolfdale cpu's. The E8400 looks like the sweet spot. They have 6mb L2 cache, and are faster, cooler and, bizarrely, cheaper than the cpu's they replace.

Just launched, so you might have to wait for one.

  Gamer555 15:09 08 Feb 2008

I wouldnt bother with 2 graphics cards. Just get one 8800GTX. Get a better CPU, E6750 or even a Quad Core Q6600. I would also get faster RAM, 800MHz. I also doubt a 520W PSU could run 2 graphics cards. Get a bigger PSU, 750W+.

  ordep 19:01 08 Feb 2008

I cant see Wolfdale cpu's. in Cougar's list online, but I'll make further inquires.
I did wonder about two cards, changing to one 8800GTX and the higher RAM 800MHz better CPU, E6750, brings it to £827. again I'll make further inquires on Monday.

  Marko797 12:33 09 Feb 2008

about the integrated sound. Wouldn't u b better off with a separate sound card n speaker set-up?

Agree with Gamer555 on the PSU.

The rest of it sounds good though.

  ordep 07:40 10 Feb 2008

Good thinking Marko797. Will do that.

  ordep 11:24 11 Feb 2008

Subject to what you guys have to say, I'm now ready to order

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz 4Mb Cache (£577.16)
2GB Crucial ballstix DDR2 800 - 2 x 1GB (add £56.48)
80GB SATA Hard Drive (OS)
250GB SATA Hard Drive. (add £35.22)
Standard Case.
Colors 550Watt Silent Upgrade.
768Mb Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card DX10 (add £165.82)
2 x Pioneer DVD +/- Re-writer 112D (add £17.63)
Floppy Drive - BLACK (add £3.75)
No Monitor
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 PCI 7.1 (add £17.77)
No Speakers Required.
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premiem (OEM) (add £63.96)
No Additional Software
13 Month Free Warranty.


  ordep 12:44 11 Feb 2008

Forgot to add the MB.

QC - ASUS P5N-ESLI 1333fsb-DDR800x4 SLI motherboard (Dual graphics)

Is this one ok do you think.

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