Adobe Flash Player for Apple PCs / iPads

  thegreypanther 16:26 29 Oct 2012

I have set up, and operate, a couple of websites which make use of photo galleries dependant on Adobe's Flash Player to view the images.

A friend tells me that he cannot view content on these websites where the use of Adobe's Flash Player is required.

He uses an IPad, and says that Adobe's Flash Player is NOT compatible with an iPad, and by inference any Apple PC. I personally find this to be astonishing and difficult to believe.

But is he correct?

Or is there a special version of Adobe's Flash Player that he should be using?

An example of the content that he can't view is

Any suggestions very welcome, as I personally don't use any Apple products but would like to be sure that the website content can be viewed by anybody.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 29 Oct 2012

Apple have and won't ever use Flash see

  thegreypanther 17:00 29 Oct 2012

That makes depressing reading, Fruit Bat.

Does this now mean that some sort of notice is required on a web page that uses Flash to say

"Can only be viewed on a PC. Full content not available on an Apple product"?

I'm too old to learn HTML5, and there's too much content to change anyway.

  Woolwell 17:53 29 Oct 2012

Flash doesn't work on iPad or any iOS devices however there are work rounds that mean downloading an app but I don't know how it would work with videos. Some mobile phones and later Android tablets don't have flash either and Adobe is withdrawing from the mobile market.

Suggest that you look at whether the site really does need to use flash.

  Woolwell 17:53 29 Oct 2012

Correction change videos to photos.

  catpwss 21:16 29 Oct 2012
  thegreypanther 09:36 30 Oct 2012

Many thanks everyone for help.

It looks as though I shall have to set up slide shows using Javascript rather than Flash on the Bolton Priory website. Maybe I shall have two slide shows, - one in Flash and the other in Javascript for those people who insist on viewing things on an iPad.

I've gone off having an iPad now!

  Woolwell 13:18 30 Oct 2012

I don't insist on viewing things on my iPad. It is a very quick and convenient way to browse the internet eg virtually no start up time and very portable. I do think however that website designers should try to make their sites accessible to all on any device. If they do not then they will lose viewers.

  Woolwell 13:22 30 Oct 2012

BTW it's not just iPad. Android tablets with jelly bean will also have flash difficulties. Android flash player is dead

  retep888™ 16:27 30 Oct 2012

He uses an IPad, and says that Adobe's Flash Player is NOT compatible with an iPad, and by inference any Apple PC

It only affects Apple mobile devices, all other Apple computers be it on Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion have no problem playing Flash.

click here for Photon Flash Video Player & Private Web Browser US$4.99 (£2.49), I've it on my iPhone 4S on IOS 6 which plays your above link perfectly alright. Use it like a browser then click the lightning symbol at the bottom to open & play the Flash program.

I don't have yet personal experience of this App on iPad (my iPad mini will only come next month) but doubt there will be any difficulty at all.

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