3 machines - same email on all machines

  andrewmpalmer 12:41 10 Sep 2010


I'm sure i do this, but i cannot seem to get it working on the In laws machines

They have 3 machines..pc, laptop and netpad.

I would like to have outlook express ( on 2 machines ... win xp ) and windows mail ( vista on the other )

So when i send a test mail to myself, they would appear on all machines, and when i hit send and recieves it will pull all emails from the last time down to that inbox.

I know that the sent items, will only stay on that machines.

Where am I going wrong, ps, i have the leave a copy of the email on the server box ticked.



Ps its the same email address ( ntl world, now owned by virgin ) a pop 3 address. ) at the moment all 3 machines work ie send and receive but will not pull all mails on all machines.

I know this works as i get all my mails on my iphone, and when i go home, they all pull into my microsoft email from the last time i hit send and receive. !!! AHHH

  Sea Urchin 12:44 10 Sep 2010

Presumably you have have ticked Leave a copy on the server on all three machines?

  gazzaho 13:03 10 Sep 2010

Read this (Receiving messages using multiple POP3 e-mail clients with 'recent:' mode) it tells you how to set your email up using the 'recent' entry in the incomming mail server section of your accounts settings.

It works on my machines, 2 notebooks, a desktop and iPod touch.

  Batch 14:12 10 Sep 2010

You should set the email clients (OE & WinMail) so that they leave the messages on the ISP's server.

In OE you do this by Tools, Accounts, double click the relevant email Account, click on the Advanced tab and select "Leave a copy of messages on server". WinMail will have something similar.

The downside of this is that ALL of the messages will stay in the mailbox on the ISP's server until deleted. At some point the ISP will declare the mailbox as full and stop receiving messages into the mailbox.

What people normally do to avoid this is to not set "Leave a copy of messages on server" on one of the PCs. But there is always a chance of some messages not making it to the other PCs in this case.

To be quite honest, you are better having one PC as the master which will always have the full set of emails (the one where "Leave a copy of messages on server" is NOT set.) With the other PCs just having the latest ones pending download onto the master.

BTW, you can get outbound emails to appear on the other PCs just by BCCing yourself.

  David4637 14:41 10 Sep 2010

In OE you CAN set the number of days the emails are left on your ISPs server. I do a similar thing to you and set mine for 5 days,before they are deleted from the server. David

  gazzaho 14:58 10 Sep 2010

Sorry forgot to add the link to Virgin, here it is (click here)

  Simsy 22:34 10 Sep 2010

And it seems like you can't do it without resetting the pop3 settings, on the webmail page each time...

When an email is downloaded, virgin marks is as such and it wont let it be downloaded agin without the reset...

That's what it seesm like to me anyway. I want to be in the same positions as you do, but can't figure out an easy way!



  lotvic 22:58 10 Sep 2010

gazzaho's link shows you how to alter the settings on your pc so that you can collect email on more than one pc.
"....Simply add the word recent followed by a colon (:) in front of your current username."

Best to look at link to check rest of settings.

  Simsy 05:43 11 Sep 2010

Thank you gazzaho, and lotvic.



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