2 systems on one machine pure fluke

  jack 12:12 15 Apr 2009

Having had a struggle getting a new router installed,Windows XP Pro, acted up, time therefore I decided it was time for a repair
I have a full disk, so on the R prompt inserted the disk,Windows said [words to the effect] 'There is a system already installed do you want to install?
Yes I said.
The net result is that the Original XP Pro is there- albeit slightly changed desktop[instead of the three Stand by/Close/Restart buttons- there is a drop down window.
And below it in the POST another System- which shows the bare default XP desk top - no programs loaded.
Both systems can access all the files.

So I thought how can I make use of this situation?

How about disabling Internet on the original system- The ultimate security- and use the new- program free virgin system for exclusive Internet use.

Good idea?
Comments please

  JanetO 12:40 15 Apr 2009

If it's 2 xp's in the same partition it may be very unstable.

  splatter 15:05 15 Apr 2009

If its one XP it's very unsable ;)

No no, I shouldn't poke fun... should I *thinks*

Personally I see no real use for it, all its doing is eating up disk space. And a virus could still infect the files of the "non-internet" installation.

Nope, see no point at all :P

  Stuartli 15:21 15 Apr 2009

I've read some daft comments, but that's amongst the best.

XP Pro has proved the most stable and trouble-free operating system I've ever used over the past six or seven years and I started with Windows 3.1.

  Stuartli 15:22 15 Apr 2009

Normally, with an XP Repair, you elect to Install it at least once (IIRC probably twice) before selecting Repair (NOT the Recovery Console).

  splatter 15:35 15 Apr 2009

Once you get SP2 on it is a very stable OS, no doubt. Before that I found it to be something of a pain! An improvement on '98 though!

  jack 17:37 15 Apr 2009

So far both are behaving normally.
Been like it a couple of weeks
So leave as is for the time being and next week[a month on] will disable the LAN connection on the 'Working drive'[With all the progs] and leave the new system as is[connected]
We shall see what prevails
The disk is 250 Gb in two partitions
0 is the drives[C] and the other I have labeled 'Storage' where all current docs are kept -
Another USB External drive 250 Gb is for archive stuff

  Stuartli 19:30 15 Apr 2009

SP2 is several years old.

I've had no problems either, apart from one minor one with a friend's system and easily cured - with SP3.

  jack 08:06 18 Apr 2009

The wheels will fall off.
Any bets any one ;-}

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