There was no Tennis so you had little excuse to not watch this year's British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It was arguably the best race of the 2015 season so far and we were lucky enough to be there and get behind the scenes.

The amount of money in Formula 1 requires sponsors. We were invited to head to the practice day at Silverstone with Hisense, the latest addition to the Infinity Red Bull Racing team's list. The Chinese-bases company makes white goods but also specialises in displays so is going big on TVs with the view to increase its presence in the UK thanks to retailers including Asda. See also: Why Formula E needs to go faster.

Hisense also makes products such as smartphones and tablets but these aren't making their way to Blighty just yet. Thanks to their new partnership with Red Bull we were able to get behind the scenes at the Paddock Club, down the pit lane and inside the garage. Here's what we saw.

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Paddock Club entrance

The Formula One Paddock Club entrance

A busy afternoon pit lane walk

A busy afternoon pit lane walk

The Torro Roso chassis

The Torro Roso chassis - sister team to Red Bull

Max Verstappen

17-year old Max Verstappen poses somewhat awkwardly for photos in the Torro Roso garage

The current Silverstone grid

The current Silverstone grid

Lotus F1 steering wheel

The Lotus F1 steering wheel with more buttons, paddles and dials than the Doctor's tardis - which get casually used at 200mph

Williams F1 pit wall

The Willaims F1 team pit wall where one team member's job isn't quite done

Hisense pit wall monitor

One of the many Hisense screens you'll find on the pit wall providing all kinds of information and camera feeds

Ferrari pit stop rig

Ferrari pit stop rig arches over where the car will stop

Williams pit stop rig

The Williams rig back with the Martini stripes

Red Bull pit stop rig

Red Bull's rig is pretty nice too, with a good view of where the wheel guns attach

Lotus spare front wings

Spare front wings are a must for every F1 team

Williams pit board

A simple board helps the drivers know where their team is located down the pit lane

Red Bull garage

We got great access to the Red Bull garage which is identical at every race - including Hisense displays

Red Bull car

Daniil Kvyat's car inbetween practice runs

Red Bull brake

A close up of the carbon fibre composite brake discs

Red Bull data

Data analysis is an ongoing process over the entire race weekend and beyond

Red Bull mechanics

How many mechanics can you have working on one car? A lot!

Red Bull chassis

The Red Bull chassis looking great in the sunshine

Red Bull chassis angle

And from the side

Red Bull fans

Handheld fans prepped and ready to go - mainly for cooling the brakes

Red Bull car jack

The fanciest car jack we've ever seen

Jeson pit board

Probably the most low-tech item in F1 - the traditional pit board which is hung over the wall for each driver

The brake sign and gas

The brake sign, as if the driver needs telling, and the gas which powers the wheel guns

Lewis Hamilton garage

Lewis' garage

Lewis' car which took the win

Lewis' car which took the win

Mercedes safety car

One of the race control cars makes an appearance in the pit lane

F1 motorhomes

The trucks which travel the world magically transforming into luxury motorhome suits - VIPs only