Worst tech videos ever

HTC has released a rather interesting rap video so we've rounded up some of the worst tech related videos of all time for your amusement.

Over the years there have been some good tech related videos. In fact there were a number shown during this year's Superbowl including Mophie's gorgeous ad. See all the best Superbowl 205 adverts.

However, it seems there are a number of occasions when they get it seriously wrong – and they really didn't mean to. Here are five of the most cringe worthy videos and adverts from some of the biggest names in tech. Microsoft is a particularly bad offender.

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HTC – Doc G's HTC Anthem "Hold the Crown"

Here's HTC starting a rap battle with Apple and Samsung...

BlackBerry – Keep on loving you (developers)

This is possibly the worst REO Speedwagon cover of all time as BlackBerry replaces lyrics with tech-jargon and features execs trying to look cool…

Microsoft – Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer do Night at the Roxbury

This is kinda funny but why they ever decided to make this is beyond us…

Microsoft – Shoe Circus

Here's Bill again but this time in a shoe shop. We barely understand it…

Asus – Say Asus with the world

Sorry, what Asus?