All Square Golf

Here are two apps that every golfer should have in their bag. (And by 'in their bag' I mean 'on their smartphone'.)

As I hack my way around the courses of England I'm conscious that I don't bring much to my golfing group from a sporting perspective. As a consequence I try to offer something from the technological world. Recently I discovered a couple of interesting apps for golfers, which I will now share with you. One shows potential, the other is a must-have for weekend golfers everywhere. (And if you are in the market for golf apps, check out this app that will DEFINITELY improve your swing.)

First up is All Square. This is a new social network for golfers, available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, as well as online.  

The idea behind All Square is to connect golfers all over the world so they can share tips and experienes. The network is still in beta but already includes around 20,000 courses, a number that is growing all the time.

It's a neat idea and the app itself is well designed and easy to use. As with any social network, however, the long-term health of All Square relies on people joining and using it. The portents are good, but it's very early days and we'll be maintaining a close watching brief. You can find me at

More immediately interesting to me (and you) is Golf GameBook. This is a live scorecard app available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Samsung Apps and Blackberry World. Im essence it allows you to score and see other people's scores as you play.

Both on the website and via the app you can watch your contacts' scores, and post and view photos and comments as you and they score. It's good-looking and easy to use, and the fact that it is available on virtually all major smartphone platforms (face facts Windows fans) means it is likely to prove useful in group golfing situations.

The makers of Golf GameBook seem to want to make great play of the fact that you can exchange something called 'banter' with your fellow golfers as you play. Leaving aside the dubious etiquette of using a phone to send messages from the course, I'm fairly certain my fragile golfing ego wouldn't withstand the rigours of electronic horseplay.

But as a portable group scoring device it is a great idea for society days and the like. I'll certainly be introducing it to the bi-annual Brass Mamba Invitational weekends so that everyone will know just how crucial is my fourth putt on the last, as I strive to get that all important 7 for a single point to bring home the trophy for the boys.

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