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We take out smartphones and tablet around with us wherever we go. With mobile internet and features like GPS, travel apps can come in extremely handy.

Travelling can be a stressful experience but there are plenty of apps out there which will help to make your trip as smooth as possible whether you want a quick and cheap weekend getaway or you're planning a gap year abroad. Travelling also tends to be expensive so all of the apps we've selected are free.

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Google Maps logoGoogle Maps

Probably the most useful travel app you can download is Google Maps. Not only does it have a clear, concise and easy to use mapping system, it's packed with features. You can search the entire planet for places and local attractions, getting turn by turn directions to your destination, live traffic information and local information. Google Maps has different layers including traffic, satellite and terrain. Building mapped in detailed 3D and Google's innovative Street View will help you in cities. And if you go inside a selected airport, hotel, shopping centre or similar then you can get an indoor map.

Price: Free

Available on: Android, iOS

Google Maps app

National Rail Enquiries logoNational Rail Enquiries

If you travel by train then Nation Rail Enquiries is the perfect travelling companion and can be a real life saver. By setting you're home station you can hit a 'get me home' button and the app will find trains based on your location. The app is easy to use and although it has adverts, they don't get in the way. If they do bother you then you can upgrade for £5. Aside from train times, there's other handy information like, ticket pricing, platforms numbers and train progress. You can get notifications for real-time disruptions so you stay ahead of the game and even alerts so you don't miss your stop.
Price: Free or £4.99 for ad-free

Available on: Android, iOS

National Rail Enquiries app

Trip Advisor logoTrip Advisor

When travelling you want to be able to find the best places to go for the right prices knowing you're going get a good service. Trip Advisor brings you over 100 million reviews from travellers you so know if something's too good to be true or a hidden gem. The app displays detailed information on airfares, hotels, restaurants and attractions. So whether you're flying abroad or looking for something to do closer to home you can probably find it on Trip Advisor. If you're not sure where to go then you can use your location or enter an address to find out what's nearby.

Price: Free

Available on: Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Trip Advisor app

WiFi Finder logoWi-Fi Finder

We all like to stay connected when travelling whether we need to make an important Skype call or just check Facebook. If you don't want to pay high roaming charges or expensive rates at your hotel or an internet café then Wi-Fi Finder will, as the name suggests, find you free (and paid) hotspots near to you – an iOS version is dedicated free hotspots only. The app features 550,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide which can be filtered by location or type. After a quick scan, the app will show you all the hotspots around you and even guide you to your chosen one.

Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

WiFi Finder app

Google Translate logoGoogle Translate

Another entry from Google is Translate and there are no prizes for guessing what it does. If you're going abroad then you can usually rely on the fact that most nations learn and speak English but for those sticky situations where the language barrier rears its head Translate will be your best mate. Not only can it translate text but speech. There's support for more than 70 languages. You can input via voice, handwriting or even the camera on your device so can work out what sings say, for example. You can even save your favourite translations and sync them across your devices.

Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Google Translate app

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