The LG G Flex is a smartphone with a  curved screen, but does it bring any real benefit or is it just a gimmick? That's what we explore in our G Flex video review.

With a 6in display, the G Flex is a large smartphone; well it's a phablet really so that curved screen has got to be pretty awesome to make it worth your hard earned money. Although many retailers have the device priced at around £650, Expansys has it for under £500.

With just a 720p HD resolution, the G Flex isn't off to the best start. We expect Full HD 1080p from a premium price handset and when you factor in the size of the screen, 720p just isn't enough. A grainy effect makes matters worse and there are some issues with image retention or 'ghosting'.

LG G Flex curved screen

The curve, according to LG, makes the G Flex more ergonomic so it fits your face better when making a call and sits in the hand better. We have found this not to be the case, though. Even if the phone does match the contour of the face better than a flat screen, the G Flex is too big for this to make a difference.

LG also says the G Flex makes watching videos and gaming more immersive, and although the phone is huge, it's not big enough for the curve to make a significant impact to the experience. It can't win either way so it seems the technology is best reserved for TVs.

LG G Flex rear cover

The G Flex's unique selling point is a bit of a let-down but it does have some good points. Decent internal components ensure good performance and 32GB of storage is double the standard, even though there's no memory card slot. It's also got a good camera with optical image stabilisation and 4k video recording.