When is BBM coming to iPhone and Android

BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) has long been one of the jewels in the BlackBerry crown, and now it has been announced that it will be available to download as a cross platform app for iPhone and Android smartphones too. The question that everyone's asking now is 'when is BBM coming to iPhone and Android?' Here's what we know about the BBM on iPhone and Android release date so far. See also What's the best BlackBerry smartphone?

When can I get BBM on iPhone and Android?

Back in May, BlackBerry (formally known as RIM) announced that it would be bringing its popular BBM service to Android and iPhone smartphones. See Acer Liquid S1 hands-on review.

Acer Liquid S1 hands-on review
Acer Liquid S1 hands-on review

The word on the internet street now is that 'late summer' is a more realistic BBM on iPhone and Android release date. This is according to the Crackberry.com website who say BlackBerry has this to say "BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), available to iOS and Android users this summer, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play." Visit: Google Android 4.3 Jelly Bean release date and features

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Andrew Bocking, executive vice president of Software Product Management at BlackBerry, failed to give a solid date for the arrival of each app on iOS and Android, but did confirm that the BBM app would be available on both platforms this summer. Visit How to set a song as your ringtone on a BlackBerry smartphone.

How much will BBM cost on iPhone/Android smartphone?

BlackBerry has stated that BBM on iPhone and Android smartphones will be completely free.

This is pretty crucial to the success of the app, as it currently going up against stiff competition in the form of Whatsapp, which boats over 100 million users on Andorid and iPhone alone. The key difference is that Whatsapp costs $0.99 a year on Android (after a year’s free service) and will soon cost £0.69 a year on iOS too.

What features will the iPhone’s and Android's BBM app have?

BlackBerry has been a little coy in this area, stating that BlackBerry smartphones will still have the “premier and most integrated” BBM feature set. It is understood that the iPhone and Android BBM apps will allow users to chat, join BBM groups, share voice notes, and use multi-person chat function, but will have to wait for the top end features such screen sharing and video/voice chat.

What version of iOS and Android will BBM be available on?

Subject to approval from each app store, BBM will be available for iOS6 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

BBM on iPhone and Android - what you need to know

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