GTA 5: 5 cool facts

Grand Theft Auto V, or better known as GTA 5, goes on sale tonight at midnight so here are 5 cool facts about the game you might not know.

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GTA 5: Cost excessive amounts to make

According to reports, GTA 5 cost £170 million to make! That's more than plenty of big name movie productions including Avatar (around £150 million) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (£156 million).

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GTA 5 screenshot

GTA 5: Has thousands of lines of dialogue

With multiple characters and plenty of missions, GTA 5 has a lot of dialogue. If we were going to guess we'd say a few tens of thousands but it actually has around a whopping 80,000 lines. That figure means GTA 5 has twice as much dialogue as Mass Effect 3.

GTA 5: It's got a huuuuuuge map

GTA 5 Map

After the disappointingly small map of the last GTA instalment, Rockstar has upped its, er, game. The GTA 5 map, featuring Los Santos is bigger than the game worlds of GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption put together.

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To give you some real-world perspective, the map is more than twice the size of New York’s Manhattan Island which is 23 square miles.

And here's a bonus fact: For the first time in the series, the GTA 5 map is open from the beginning of the game (with the exception of some protected areas).

GTA 5: Los Santos is modelled on Los Angeles

The fictional city in GTA 5, Los Santos, is loosely based on California's Los Angeles. Rockstar has said that many areas have been recreated including Hollywood (Vinewood), Downtown Los Angeles (Downtown Los Santos), Koreatown (Little Seoul), Venice (Vespucci) and Santa Monica.

GTA 5: You can't kill the main characters

As you might know, GTA 5 has not one but three main characters - Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Although the characters will be able to interact with each other, you can't decide to do the dirty and take one of them out with the others.

"You'll certainly be able to hang out with them, annoy them should you choose, and maybe even assault them, but you won’t be able to kill them. They all have remarkable powers of recovery and good health insurance. The game is based on playing all sides of these three characters’ interwoven stories rather than having generic, interchangeable leads, so permanently killing a major character in that way wouldn’t make sense. If a player is determined enough though, they may well find a way to badly injure one of the characters and switching to that character would just put you in the hospital to continue where you left off." said Rockstar.

When you get your hands on GTA 5, let us know what you think of it below. Have you found any cool hidden easter eggs or similar?

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