OSO U-Grip

Price: £22 inc VAT

From: OSO

Rating: 7/10

In the search for the perfect smartphone car mount, I've tried a lot of different products. Vent clips, suction mounts and more. I like the simplicity of the Kenu Airframe, but this isn't universal as it needs a specific type of air vent.

OSO's Dash Grip will suit any car, since its suction mount will stick to the windscreen. The surface of the suction cup is sticky, too, so it will also hold fast to a dashboard.

OSO U-Grip jawsThe big jaws work like a large hair clip: you squeeze at the back to open them and a spring holds your smartphone firmly in place. Pretty much any device with a screen smaller than 7in will fit, so your HTC One Max or Galaxy Note 3 should be no problem.

The jaws are attached to the mount via a ball joint which means you can adjust your phone's screen to just about any angle. That's something you can't do with the Kenu Airframe - you're stuck with the angle of your air vents. Both mounts are sensible enough to allow you to have the screen in portrait or landscape mode of course.

Having tested the Dash Grip for several weeks, I'm confident that my phone is safe even on bumpy roads, whether mounted to the glass or a smooth part of the dashboard. It doesn't wobble around, so you can see your satnav app's route and instructions clearly.

OSO U-GripIf yours has a rougher, textured surface then there's no guarantee it will work. I found the mount fell off almost straight away, but that could have been as much down to the interior cleaner I use (which leaves a slippery surface) than the effectiveness of the sticky mount. Essentially, your mileage will vary.

The Dash Grip isn't the cheapest option, granted, but it's sturdy and has a two-year warranty so unlike some of the cheap ebay offerings, at least there's some recourse if it does break. And, if you don't like black it's also available in white.

Plus, I found the jaws were useful for holding more than just a phone. They'll grab plenty of other things including car park tickets and a GoPro camera.

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