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Rating: 5/5

Kenu Airframe iPhone 5

There are two basic types of car mount for your smartphone: those that stick to the windscreen or dashboard and those that attach to an air vent.

Kenu’s Airframe falls in the second camp, and has a simple yet surprisingly effective design. It clamps your smartphone in place using a combination of two strong springs and rubber side grips.

Smartphones up to 74mm wide will fit; we found that an iPhone 5 in a typical plastic case fitted fine. Kenu says phones with up to 4.8-inch screens should fit.

Behind the clamp is a four-pronged clip which has both wide and narrow gaps, so should fit most air vents. The thin gap worked best on the cars we tried, from a Ford Focus to a Mini. Since the clip rotates (it’s notched so always lines up vertically or horizontally) you can attach it to any vent blade no matter what its angle.

Kenu Airframe vent clip

The other benefit of rotating is that you can turn your smartphone to work with landscape and portrait apps, so it’s ‘compatible’ with all satnav apps. Plus, as the prongs are covered in rubber, there’s no danger of them scratching or damaging your car. It’s also easy to remove the Airframe and attach it to a different air vent or move it to another car.

Kenu Airframe vertical

If you stick a credit card in the thin gap, you can even use the Airframe as a stand wherever you have a flat surface. That makes it great for hands-free Skype chats or for watching YouTube videos.

Both the vent clip and smartphone jaw clamped tightly to our test air vents and smartphones during our tests, with none of the wobble associated with windscreen mounts and flexible arms.

Of course, you’re slightly limited on positioning. You can’t tilt your phone left/right or up/down – the angle of your air vents dictate how your phone sits, but vents tend to be placed close enough to the driver that the screen is easy to see.

Kenu Airframe: verdict

Although you can buy cheaper car mounts for your smartphone, the Airframe is the best-designed and best built we’ve seen. It holds your phone securely in place, won’t damage your car and is easy to remove and install. What more could you ask for?