Plusnet home of the future

With technology making our day to day lives easier, Plusnet has revealed which gadgets in the future will be most vital and which we're most excited about. A look at the home of the future suggests iris sanners, smart fridges and self-driving cars will be top picks.

Back in January, the world's technology giants (and start-ups) gathered in Las Vegas to show off the next big thing. But which of the gizmos and gadgets will actually make a difference in the future. Plusnet has put the question to more than 2,000 consumers to come up with a list of what we think will be most vital and which we're most excited about.

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Top 10 technologies which will be most vital

1.     Iris scanning (25%)
2.     Smart fridges (25%)
3.     Self-driving cars (24%)
4.     3D printing (20%)
5.     Smart bed (17%)
6.     Smart watches/wearable tech (14%)
7.     4K TV (11%)
8.     Virtual reality headsets (10%)
9.     Curved TV (10%)
10.  Internet enabled toothbrush (6%)

The difference between men and women

According to Plusnet's figures, men are more interested in boosting the wow factor of their home with devices like a 4k TV and a virtual reality headset. Meanwhile, women are keen to gain health benefits from technology such as a sleep tracking bed and a smart internet-enabled toothbrush.

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Top 5 technologies that we're most excited about:

1.     Smart clothing (34%)
2.     Health monitoring toilets (32%)
3.     Face recognition (31%)
4.     Smart books (23%)
5.     Interactive gaming walls (13%)

The home of the future

As you can see in the image at the top, Plusnet has given a glimpse at what it thinks the home of the future will look like. The roof will collect power from solar panels which will be stored to run the house and your electric car. Talking of which, your car will not only drive itself (presumably with you in it) but facial recognition at the door will only let you in.

Smart surfaces in the kitchen will react to items placed on it, keeping drinks appropriately hot or cold and your fridge will recommend recipes based on what you've got inside. It will also make you a personal diet.

Sensors in your bathroom will be able to give you a virtual medial check and your toilet will be able to analyse waste to make sure you're nice and healthy. We're not sure what happens when something is wrong, though. Perhaps a siren goes off to let everyone know.

Furthermore, the fabric of smart clothes will keep you at a nice temperature and monitor your health. You home office will feature a projected display while internet connected contact lenses will provide you with the information you need. Meanwhile, all your devices will be connected through an 'invisible networking system' (isn't that Wi-Fi) and smart books will improve your reading experience.