BT YouView+ DTR-T2100

BT's original YouView box which launched in 2012 was the Humax DTR-T1000. Well a new YouView+ model has come along in the form of the DTR-T2100 and here are 5 reasons to upgrade.

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5 reasons to upgrade to BT's YouView+ box: Smaller and lighter

It's always annoying when a set-top box takes up a huge amount of room under your TV, especially when you have other devices like games consoles and Blu-ray players vying for the precious space.

Well for anyone with a limited amount of space, the YouView+ box is going to be a great upgrade. It's just 23.7 x 15.2 x 4.3cm which is about the size of a typical router. It also weighs just 760g which is less than a bag of sugar.

You can see the huge difference in the size of the box in the photo.

BT YouView DTR-T1000 vs DTR T2100

5 reasons to upgrade to BT's YouView+ box: Faster

If you find slow to respond set-top boxes annoying, then the YouView+ DTR-T2100 will be a real boon. The pint-sized gadget has no problem zipping through the EPG, loading menus, launch on-demand players and booting up. It's leagues ahead of the Humax DTR-T1000.

In high power mode, it can boot up in just a few seconds instead of about one and a half minutes. If you hold down a button to skip forward or backwards, the EPG gives up trying to display programme data until you've finished scrolling.

5 reasons to upgrade to BT's YouView+ box: Quieter

BT's new YouView+ box is smaller primarily because the power supply has been taken out of the chassis in favour of an external. This not only makes the device smaller, but means the loud and annoying fan has been removed.

The result is an essentially silent running operation which is bliss. It's not entirely silent because of the hard drive but you can't hear that doing its work.

5 reasons to upgrade to BT's YouView+ box: LEDs

The old YouView box has a swish LED light running around the circular power buton but it only told you whether the device was on or off. The new YouView+ box has a set of three downlit LEDs which run along the front giving far more information.

The first tells you whether the device is on or in standby, the middle lights up when a program is recoding and the last indicates whether there is a broadband connection. It works in a very similar way to BT's HomeHub 5.

BT YouView+ DTR-T2100 LEDs

5 reasons to upgrade to BT's YouView+ box: Eco-friendly

As our homes fill with more and more gadgets – either ones which need mains power or charging up – we consume more electricity. So it's great when a new device comes along and is cheaper to run.

That's exactly what BT offers with the new YouView+ box which even in the high power mode which means it boots up faster, draws around 8W of power. That's roughly half the amount of the older box so it's going to cost you half the amount to run it.

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