We're racing through 2015 and as August approaches I've realised that there are SO many birthdays coming up among my friends and family, many of which are tech-lovers just like me. It's also my birthday in August (just a hint). Beyond that, it's not long before we'll all be thinking about what to buy our friends and family for Christmas again already. Over on our sister titles you'll find lots of gadgets and gizmos that will make great gifts, but here on Tech Advisor I've decided to share with you some of my favourite present ideas that take inspiration from tech, but aren't tech.

If you're looking for gadgets, follow the links below, but here, you'll find earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, ties, mugs, home accessories and more, all ideal for computer lovers.

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1. Circuit Board Heart Necklace

14 gifts for computer lovers


Etsy seller HarResols has more than 100 items made from repurposed computer parts like this Circuit Board Heart Necklace, available in various different colours.

2. Enter Key doormat

14 gifts for computer lovers


I love this doormat inspired by the Enter button on a PC's keyboard. It's available from I Want One of Those.

3. Circuit Board Nail Wraps

14 gifts for computer lovers


You'll get 14 green, circuit-board inspired nail wraps that stick straight onto your fingernails in this pretty pack.

4. Floppy Disk Notebook

14 gifts for computer lovers


Handmade from old floppy disks, this notebook has 60 sheets of white paper inside. There are various colours and varieties of Floppy Disk notebooks available from Etsy seller PipingHotPapers.

5. Circuit Board Tie

14 gifts for computer lovers


Another Etsy purchase now, this one from ScatterbrainTies. Choose from Black, Hunter Green or Kelly Green Circuit Board Ties.

6. Camera Lens Mug



Here's one for photographers: a camera lens mug complete with a grippy rubber focus ring and a lens hood lid that doubles as a coaster or a place to store your biscuits.

7. Computer Button Power Switch Cufflinks



Back to Etsy (I like it there), and BlackbirdStudioUK's handmade power button cufflinks are a fun accessory for tech loving shirt wearers!

8. Floppy Disk Coasters


They may be outdated, but it seems that we still can't get enough of floppy disks. TechnoChic on Etsy (which has some other very cool tech-related gifts so take a look) offers a set of 5 white Floppy Disk Coasters with vinyl covers and a cork base.

9. Media Icon Earrings



These square, sterling silver earring studs are available in 12 different techy designs, including play, pause, skip, refresh and more.

10. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes


Yep, floppy disks again, this time in the form of sticky notes, which come in packs that contain a total of 50 sheets.

11. Computer Key Novelty Lamp


This novelty push lamp is available in four varieties: Esc, Ctrl, Del or Shift.

12. Copy and Paste T-Shirt Set


Here's a cute idea for parents with small children: The adult wears the Ctrl C t-shirt and the child wears the Ctrl V t-shirt The Copy and Paste T-Shirt Set is available in a variety of different colours, too.

13. Geek Computer Keyboard Personalised Cufflinks



Another set of cufflinks now – you can pick any letters you'd like and they're also available in black or cream varieties.

14. Loading Image Coaster



If you're looking for a cheap stocking filler, try this funny coaster from Not On The High Street. There's a matching 'Loading Brew' mug, too.