Apple iPad 5 preview

Apple's next tablet will be the iPad 5 (possible just called the iPad with Retina display still and with an iPad mini 2 with it) so here's our iPad 5 preview looking at the release date, price and specifications of the tablet.

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Before we go any further with this, the iPad 5 hasn't been announced yet but plenty of details and specs have been leaked on the tablet already. So we've based this article on all the information we can get our hands on. The details may or may not turn out to be true.

iPad 5 preview: Release date

With a few rumoured launch dates firmly behind us, it's likely that the iPad 5 will see the light of day this autumn. October and November are the two most probably months for the launch event and when the tablet will go on sale to the public.

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iPad 5 preview: Price

We'll have to wait until Apple unveils the iPad 5 for official pricing but odds are that the tablet will cost the same as the previous version. Apple typically puts the new model on sale for the same prices as before, starting at £399.

iPad 5 preview: Specifications

Considering the current 

iPad 4

uses the same design as the iPad 3, it wouldn't be surprising the iPad 5 comes along with a new trimmer chassis. Rumours suggest the tablet could be up to a third thinner and lighter than the existing model. That would mean it weighing in at around 500g and measuring 7mm, about the same as the iPad mini.

Apple archetypally gives new iPad models a performance upgrade via the processor. The iPad 4 has an A6X chip so we could see an improved version of this or maybe an A7.

Some tablets, namely the Google Nexus 10, have bettered the iPad 4's screen resolution of 2048x1536. Will Apple up the ante here? Probably.

Of course, a number of things will almost certainly stay the same such at the 9.7in screen size, the Lightning connector and the option to purchase a model with a SIM-card slot for mobile 3G/4G LTE data. We'd put good money on the iPad 5 having no microSD card slot, too.

We can pretty much tell you that the iPad 5 will come pre-loaded with iOS 7 which is due to be released this autumn.

Other scraps of info from around the web suggest the iPad 5 will come with haptic feedback for alerts and games, an upgraded rear camera and new colours including slate, gold and grey. A stylus is a less likely but suggested possibility.

Things we'd like to see include improved battery life (you can never have too much) and 11ac Wi-Fi.

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