Everything Tablet is based in London and has a range of cases which fit the iPad 2, 3 and 4.

This, however, is a miniature version of the company's 360 Rotating case which fits the iPad mini. It's available in the same range of colours: black carbon (a carbon fibre look), orange, baby pink, gun metal and the baby blue on test here.

ET 360 iPad mini

The iPad mini, reviewed, fits snugly into the plastic tray, and there are cut-outs for all the ports, speakers and buttons.

Round the back is a hollow circular 'hinge', through which you can see your iPad's Apple logo. Unlike the version for the big iPad, which you can read here, the logo isn't quite centred inside the circle.

Plus, you get only one slot, so there's just one rather than three viewing angles.

ET 360 iPad mini

Magnets wake up your iPad and put it back into sleep mode when you open and close the cover. The soft padded lining should do a good job of protecting your tablet's screen. The outside is made from PU leather (it looks like leather, but isn't) on the outside. Plus, there's a wide elastic strap to keep the cover closed.

Overall, considering the price, this is a great case for the iPad mini. Our only reservation is that, unlike some cases, there's not much protection for the top edge of the tablet as there's one big cutout running from the power button to the headphone socket.

Rating: 4/5

ET 360 iPad mini