Rating: 4/5

£30 inc VAT from Everything Tablet

Everything Tablet 360 rotating case for iPad AirWe’ve been using cases from Everything Tablet for months now, on an iPad mini, an iPad 4 and on the new Google Nexus 7. Now, there’s a new version that fits the iPad Air.

The folio-style case has a nice faux-carbon fibre finish and a soft lining to protect your tablet’s screen. The iPad clips tightly into a plastic shell which rotates through 360 degrees, hence the name.

Three grooves on the inside of the cover allow you to stand your iPad Air at different angles, both in landscape and portrait orientations.

The back-most groove is usable only with the iPad in landscape mode as it topples over in portrait. It’s still one of the most flexible stand cases around, though.

The Apple logo neatly shows through the circular ‘hinge’ and there are precise cut-outs for the rear camera and microphone. At the top and bottom, there’s not much protection due to the full-width cut-outs – this is our only real criticism of the design.

Everything Tablet 360 rotating case for iPad Air

As with most folio cases, it becomes a bit unwieldy when you use the iPad’s rear camera for photos or videos since the front cover has to be held open so it doesn’t block the screen or camera.

Usefully, built-in magnets work with the iPad’s sleep/wake function and turn it on and off automatically.

In terms of weight, Everything Tablet has worked hard to shave grams and add as little mass to the Air as possible. At 230g, it’s around 35g lighter than Everything Tablet’s iPad 2/3/4 case and, with an iPad Air inside the total of 708g isn’t much more than an iPad 4 on its own. (Apple’s £65 Smart Case weighs

Available in new Cherry Red as well as Vibrant Orange and Black Carbon, the case is slightly more expensive than the iPad 2/3/4 version at £30, but it’s considerably cheaper than Apple’s Smart Case. It’s also much sturdier than Apple’s offering when used as a stand.

Everything Tablet 360 rotating case for iPad Air