The Apple Watch release day is finally here. There's a catch, though: there's no waiting outside Apple Stores to buy your Apple Watch on launch day. The only people who'll be getting their hands on an Apple Watch today are those who ordered theirs within seconds of the pre-order opening on 10 April. 

A few hundred particularly dedicated Apple fans travelled to London to visit the one store that did stock around 400 units of the Apple Watch, a boutique called Dover Street Market. One fan even travelled all the way to Spain to wait outside the store.

But for everyone else, there's either been a long, agonising wait for the post man that consisted of peeking out of the window every five minutes hoping to catch a glimpse of your new favourite person, or a day full of disappointment knowing that you missed out on a launch day delivery by a matter of seconds when you pre-ordered your Apple Watch. Some people have been giving shipping estimates as far away as June.

It wouldn't be an Apple launch without a bit of drama, and even though the Apple Watch launch is a bit different from past launches, there's been no lack of such drama (and plenty of funny banter) on Twitter. Here are some of my favourite reactions.