Last week PC Advisor held a poll to find out which device people would prefer to use Windows 8 on. After 3,004 votes, the result was pretty evenly spread between desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. See Poll: On which types(s) of device would you prefer to use Windows 8?

The majority of the votes went to the traditional PCs, with desktops receiving 17 percent of the vote and laptops picking up 14 percent. This is an intriguing result as the Windows 8 OS is designed to be controlled by multiple touch gestures - an input method that is new to Windows PC operating systems, thus a bold step away from the basic mouse and keyboard familiarities that Windows users have enjoyed to date. See also Microsoft Windows 8 review.

Microsoft's comparatively poor performance in the smartphone market up till now, has been reflected in the poll, with the smartphone option only receiving three percent of the vote - the lowest by some way. Existing Windows Phone users won't be filled with confidence as they have been told by Microsoft that upgrades won't be available to any Windows Phone 7 devices, but a new Windows 8 handset will have to been bought separately.

On a worrying note, 38 percent of respondents made it clear that they would not be using Windows 8. However, this figure has slightly improved since April, when PC Advisor ran a poll to discover whether people were planning on upgrading to Windows or not, the figure in April stood at 44 percent.

The poll produced yet more uninspiring results with just seven percent of respondents selecting the 'multiple devices' option, as Microsoft designed Windows 8 with the idea that it should work seamlessly across PCs, tablets and smartphones.

When you couple the remaining four percent who voted for the 'Don't know' option with the 38 percent who claimed they were not going to use Windows 8, it is fair to say that Microsoft still has a lot of work to do on convincing the public to make the switch to the Windows 8 way of thinking.

Windows 8 users evenly split between PC, laptop and tablet