The Windows 8 Developer Preview was downloaded 500,000 times in the first 12 hours it was available, Microsoft has revealed.

The pre-beta build was posted to the Microsoft website shortly after 1am GMT on Wednesday, just after the tech giant officially unveiled the next iteration of the Windows operating system.

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The downloads, which range from 2.8GB to 4.8GB in size, come with no restrictions and mark a different approach compared to that taken with Windows 7. When Microsoft debuted a similar developer preview of Windows 7 in October 2008, it didn't allow the general public to download it. However, within hours, the Windows 7 preview was leaked to online file-sharing sites.

The 4.8GB download is a 64bit edition of the Windows 8 Developer Preview that also includes developer tools such as a preview of Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express and the SDK (software developers kit) for Metro-style applications. Metro is Microsoft's name for the Windows 8 tile-based interface that borrows heavily from Windows Phone 7.

Two other editions, a 64bit (3.6GB) and a 32bit version (2.8GB) of the operating system, can also be downloaded.

"You could say that if Windows 8 is Windows reimagined, we're also in the process - and Windows 8's an important step of that - of reimagining Microsoft," said CEO Steve Ballmer.

"While it's clear we have a long way to go still with Windows 8, we've been gratified certainly by the reactions and the interest."

All downloads are available as a disk image in .iso format that must be copied on to a DVD or USB flash drive for installation purposes. The software requires a PC with 1GB of RAM (2GB for the 64bit edition) and 16GB of hard-disk space (20GB for 64bit).

It's worth noting that to install Windows 8 and the developers tools, users must overwrite the machine's current operating system (XP, Vista or Windows 7) with a clean install. The smaller sans-tools versions, however, can be installed while retaining the files, user accounts and settings on a Vista- or Windows 7-powered PC

The Windows 8 Developer Preview can be downloaded now from the PC Advisor downloads site.