Windows XP is about to become obsolete. From April 8, the operating system will no longer be updated, making an upgrade essential.

One advantage of migrating to Windows 8 is the myriad of apps which are available. These can help your business increase its productivity and efficiency.

We've picked out three great Windows 8 apps for small businesses. It's also worth noting that using Windows 8, you can create your own productivity apps allowing you - and your employees - to be even more efficient.


With the ability to store and share files via the cloud, OneDrive - formerly SkyDrive - is the ideal tool for smaller businesses. Built into Windows 8, the tool allows businesses to view, upload and share files as well as access them across Windows 8 applications. OneDrive is easy-to-use and available across platforms and devices, so it is also perfect for businesses with remote workers.

TeamViewer Touch

Another application that's ideal for workers on the move, TeamViewer Touch allows you to control any remote computer with within seconds. This allows businesses to administrate servers or work from a home office.

The app doesn't require any configuration, and gives you easy access to remote computers - even behind firewalls and proxy servers.

It's also easy to use: simply install and start the TeamViewer desktop app on the computer you want to control remotely. Then enter the remote computer's TeamViewer ID and password in the app and click on “Remote Control”.


A great tool for businesses, Evernote allows users to stay organised and productive whether in the office or on the move. The tool runs on laptops, smartphones, tablets and the web across all devices. This means users can create a plaintext note on a Windows 8 tablet, and then open it on a smartphone or laptop.