If you have more than one PC in your house it’s likely that at some point you’ve wanted to share a document between them. Of course, you can email the files or copy them to a USB flash drive to move folders and documents between machines, but Windows has a much simpler built-in method of sharing between computers on the same network.

Windows HomeGroup is a simple tool that lets you quickly and securely share between PCs on your home network. HomeGroups are password protected so you can be sure that only authorised PCs get to see or share documents with you and you get to choose exactly what it is you share with others. Even better you can decide if certain documents should be read only meaning that others can see, but not copy, edit or delete your files.

It’s not just documents you can share though, as you’ll also be able to access printers too. This is great as it means you only need the one printer and can cut costs.

Though networks can be tricky to manage a HomeGroup is really easy to get started. In Windows 7/8 go to search and type in homegroup and click on the Settings results then click on HomeGroup. Click on Create to get started. In the next step you can decide what to share by clicking on the sliders and you’ll also find the HomeGroup password here. Only give the password to people you are happy to share your documents with. 

To join a HomeGroup simply click on join and type in the password and you’ll see the HomeGroup in the sidebar of Windows Explorer. From now on you’ll easily be able to share large files with ease and print no matter which of your PCs you’re using.

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