Microsoft is taking a leap of faith by changing its famous red, green, blue and yellow flag for a straight-laced 2D logo.

After 22-years of unparalleled success, the news has broken that Microsoft is adopting the brave 'If it ain't broke, we'll fix it anyway' approach and changing its multi-coloured logo to a new minimalist 2D design.

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Chinese website cnBeta was the first to publish the new Windows 8 logo, and it has since been given nods of approval by numerous other technology websites including the respected website The Verge. (For more, read our Windows 8 review.)

The Verge goes on to state that Windows users can expect to see the new design appear in the new Windows 8 feature: the Charms bar - and can be accessed but touch, mouse or a keyboard shortcut. Finally the report goes on to say that this logo is just the tip of the Iceberg and that it's the "first of many changes to the way the Microsoft markets Windows and it's brand identity throughout 2012."

The final version of Windows 8 isn't expected to go onsale until spring this year at the earliest; a commercial launch may even be as much six months away, but Microsoft is doing a great job of encouraging interest in Windows 8, and held two events this summer to showcase its potential.

Anyway... We love the new logo.

New Windows 8 logo